Rogue Flying Shoe Causes West Virginia Game To Pause During Crucial Final Minute After Almost Hitting Players

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There is a college football fan in Morgantown who is currently without his right shoe. It was randomly thrown onto the field during a crucial moment during the fourth quarter and nearly hit the players.

Saturday night’s game between West Virginia and Kansas did not go how the Mountaineers expected. They should have beat the brakes off of a historically bad Jayhawks team and ended up losing by 13 in overtime.

After going to halftime ahead by seven, WVU found itself behind 42-34 with less than a minute remaining the the fourth quarter. J.T. Daniels led a 10-play, 62-yard drive to put his team in position to tie and lined up on 1st-and-goal.

In that moment, as the Mountaineers looked to run a play, the shoe came flying in on the left side. It nearly hit the split-out receiver and the Kansas corner, bouncing off of the goal line out to the five-yard-line.

The line judge, who was standing right there, noticed the shoe and blew the play dead. Meanwhile, security went into the stands to find the culprit. The fan atop the stairs immediately snitched and pointed up in the bleachers.

Take a look at the bizarre sequence and how it played out:

It is unclear as to what the shoe-throwing fan’s game plan might have been. It was not difficult to identify who he was because, well, he didn’t have a shoe on his right foot.

Unfortunately, the game had to continue and we didn’t get to find out what happened to the shoeless fan. Was he asked to leave? Was he arrested?

Either way, he ended up on top because he didn’t have to watch his team throw a pick-six in overtime to lose its second game of the season.

College football is so weird. It’s the best.

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