Well, Well, Well…California’s About To Drop Its Stay-At-Home Order

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Less than a week after Joe Biden’s inauguration, California Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to lift the state’s stay-at-home order Monday “based on ICU projections for the next four weeks,” according to media reports out of the state. Dropping the stay-at-home order will allow outdoor dining and indoor services such as barbershops, hair salons and tattoo parlors to return to business, KSEE’s Alexan Balekian reports.

Counties are expected to return to a colored tier system with most returning to a purple level, the top risk level as set by the state health department.

In a statement released by the California Restaurant Association, the group said it expects Newsom to make the announcement Monday.

“Late this evening, senior officials in the Newsom administration informed us that the Governor will announce tomorrow that the stay-at-home order will be lifted in all regions of the state,” the release reads.

“For now, we thought you’d like to know this good news,” the CRA told its members.

The governor’s office thinks the state is on the right track.

“We see promising signs that California is slowly emerging from the most intense stage of this pandemic. We continue to look at what that means for the Regional Stay at Home order and anticipate that the state Department of Public Health will provide a formal update tomorrow morning,” Brian Ferguson, the Deputy Director for Crisis Communication & Public Affairs from the Governor’s Office, told NBC Los Angeles.

Friday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her state will reopen indoor dining starting February 1.

“The science around this virus is settled, and if we can all wear masks and be very smart about congregating, and not do it unless it’s necessary, washing our hands, doing that social distancing, we will be in a strong position in a few weeks,” Whitmer said during a press conference. “And we’ll be able to do more. That’s the hope.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. It’s so sad and it’s SO obvious to anyone with a brain that their response was completely and totally about destroying the economy and small businesses to make Trump look bad. What’s even worse is that our Media is so unconscionably terrible at their jobs that they clearly see it too, but won’t even mention it. This is what we have freedom of the press for is to keep insane Govt Policies in check and keep them honest, but instead they only tell you what benefits ONE PARTY.

  2. To recap, the governor’s own business has been able to remain open pretty much the entire time during the pandemic. His children attend private school and are allowed physically be at the school (because the virus can differentiate the between private and public). He risked life and limb and attended at birthday party at an indoor restaurant in November. His friends in the entertainment business are back to work in LA county while private businesses remain shuttered. CA is also dead last in vaccine distribution.

    The virus obviously knows that it’s past January 20th and that the “leaders” now mean business. Newsom is the textbook definition of unserious. The majority of voters in CA have reflexively voted one way for many years. It’s obvious that the governor has exempted himself and his family from feeling the pain of his policy decisions. One has to wonder if and when the residents will change their voting habits.

  3. These comments are why I joined outkick. It is immoral and unethical what has happened with the killing of the economy with the establishment media enforcing the corrupt narrative. Now Joe is going to swoop in to “save the economy” by “getting America back to work finally”.

    The like-minded here need to put in the effort to make sure the next 2 election cycles are different. I’ll be doing something (working on a campaign maybe, making sure all Republicans get out to vote, volunteer to poll watch, etc.).

  4. Incredible. California’s daily fatalities are the highest they’ve ever been. They had 694 deaths in one day literally less than a week ago. Prior to the election, the worst day they ever had was 248 deaths. If there was ever a time to lockdown California in the name of public health, it’s right now.

    “The science around this virus is settled”

    That statement is just objectively false.

  5. If this is in fact part of the ‘Great Awakening’…I see the point now.

    I always subtly suspected this was the case behind the scenes…but now unless you are fully in the upside down even normal people can see it.

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