Weirdo Woke Medical School Professor: Kids Identifying As ‘Gender Minotuars’ & ‘Smoothies’ Is No Biggie

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Are you the least bit surprised there’s a California self-identified “feminist” mental health and chief psychologist at the University of California, San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital who supports a “gender revolution” and doesn’t have a problem with kids identifying as gender Minotaurs?

Count me as being not shocked that Diane Ehrensaft thinks such behavior is cool and brave.

According to the crew over at Fox News Digital, Ehrensaft has advocated for kids identifying as “gender hybrids” and that includes “gender Minotaur” creatures. Oh, and kids can change gender by the season like they’re signing up for new sports. Hey, it’s baseball season. Watch me turn into a Minotaur and beat the living s–t out of this pitch.

“I totally agree we are in the midst of a gender revolution and the children are leading it. And it’s a wonderful thing to see. And it’s also humbling to know [children] know more than we do about this topic of being gender expansive,” Ehrensaft said during a 2018 fireside chat at the San Francisco Public Library.

Why, in 2023, is Diane getting so much play over these Minotaur thoughts that she’s bounced around for years? Because now we have kids actually acting on these ideas being pumped into the mainstream by Diane and the wokes who are just like her.

You’re overreacting. This is nothing. Kids aren’t identifying as mythologic Greek creatures.

This is a good time to remind readers of the U.K. students who are now identifying as cats, horses, dinosaurs and the moon.

The U.K. situation is so bad a teacher was accused of telling a 13-year-old girl she was “despicable” for questioning a classmate who was identifying as a cat.

In Florida, a school district banned students for dressing up as furries and from “barking, grunting and meowing” at each other while in school.

During her 2018 speech to the San Francisco Library, Diane laid out exactly what this “gender Minotaur” thing is that she’s talking about. “Most of the kids who are gender Minotaurs love mermaids, so make sure you have a lot of mermaid books,” Ehrensaft told her fans.

In her speech, Di explains how two scientists brought their child to her office to help figure out what gender the kid was.

Diane says she eventually determined the kid was Gender Ambidextrous and could identify as a boy when playing with the boys and a girl when playing with the girls.

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There’s more. Diane also determined that there are Gender Smoothies. That’s where kids have told Diane that you take everything about gender, you put it in a blender and you have a gender smoothie.

And there you have it. Now don’t act surprised if your kid starts identifying as a gender Minotaur and/or a gender smoothie.

The experts (Diane and her nutty fellow professors) say this all no biggie. Just kids being kids.

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