Former WWE Star Kurt Angle Credits Daughter For Saving His Life In Recent Jet-Ski Crash

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Former WWE superstar and Hall of Fame member Kurt Angle is lucky to be alive, after a recent Jet-Ski crash almost took his life.

The former champion decided to take his daughter on a jet-ski ride in Florida recently, where things almost turned fatal for the Olympic gold medalist. Discussing the incident on the ‘Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, Angle credits his 11-year old daughter for dragging him through the ocean after falling off the jet-ski.

Angle recalled that he had put one of his daughters on the back, as he drove, while enjoying a ride in the water. This is where things took a near fatal turn for the former wrestler.

“When I went to make a turn I slowed down and stopped .. and I didn’t put the accelerator on when I was turning and we flipped over. We went into the ocean. Thank God my daughter is like an Olympic-caliber swimmer,” Angle explained about his daughter Giuliana

WWE’s Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

Previous Injuries Made The Situation Worse For Kurt Angle

Angle discussed recent knee surgeries, along with a weak neck prevented him from being able to pull himself up onto the jet-ski. Also, Kurt noted that he couldn’t swim, so the incident got even worse.

“I even had the safety vest on but it wasn’t working. I was still sinking, I can’t swim, so I’m in trouble. I couldn’t get above water. I was going under and my daughter kept her composure and the jet ski got away from us. It was like 50 feet away from us. She didn’t know whether to go to the jet ski or to me. She came over to me and saved my life. She pulled me over to the jet ski. She swam 50 yards with me in her hands.”

Angle noted that without his older daughter being out on the water with him, the outcome would’ve been much worse.

“I couldn’t get myself on the jet ski. My arms are so weak now because of my neck, I can’t push myself up,” Angle recalled. “So now she’s putting her hands under my a– pushing me up onto the jet ski and she got me up there. Then she jumped on behind me and I said ‘You know what honey? You just saved my life.’ She really did.”

Thank goodness Kurt Angle is laughing about the matter now, as the situation sounded pretty bad the WWE star.

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