Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Wearing Red For The Chiefs, Auburns Ladies Fighting & John Daly Crushes A Field Goal

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How important is Week One in the NFL? I don’t want to hear how it’s a long season…WIN…WIN…WIN!

Look at those numbers. LOOK AT THEM.

Now, let’s get to my Super Bowl pick: BENGALS OVER 49ERS

Look, the only way to get over the hump and slay all the demons people my age have been living with their whole lives is for Joe Burrow to pull out his sword and stick it straight into the heart of his old Ohio State buddy Nick Bosa right there in Las Vegas as Bengals fans weep tears of joy after so many years of the 49ers haunting our lives.

Is it a homer pick? Yes.

Is it outlandish to think it could happen? Vegas says the Bengals should win 11.5 games. I like my chances.

Our new coworker promised she was going to take a stand against the mobs and then she comes out firing on day one!

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For the Parrotheads

• Mike T. in Idaho writes:

I know you’re not a Parrothead, but this is a fascinating story of a life well lived!

• Jim from Florida:

Joe, I am confused by your take on Jimmy (may he rest in peace, and have all the cheeseburgers in paradise and margaritas in eternity).

I can’t tell which side you’re on, if you were condemning his concerts, or just happy you never saw him.

As a parrothead I feel maligned.

If you never took part in his religion, you’re off base condemning it.

Millions of fans will fight you to the ends of the earth defending his showmanship.

His empire probably matches or exceeds most top of the heap rock bands, and I’d bet your yacht rock station plays his music frequently.

You owe parrotheads an explanation or an apology.


I think Jim is referring to this line: “I’m big on actual performance artists who actually put on shows that are legit shows.”

I’m sorry if that caused confusion within the Parrothead world. That was meant to be a compliment towards Jimmy Buffett. He put on a show. It’s entertainment. People pay to go be entertained and to escape their worlds.

I also LOVE that Jimmy was a businessman and made a fortune after starting from ground zero.

My apologies to Jim for not being clearer.

Greetings from SW England

• Ken from North Augusta, SC writes:

Greetings from Weymouth, England. We’ve finished with the Offa’s Dyke Path, and are now exploring southwestern England, exploring the Weymouth area, with a couple of minor strolls on the Southwest Coast Path, along what’s called the “Jurassic Coast”.

Weymouth is full of vacationers catching the end of the British summer, with plenty of historical sights. The ocean is beautiful, and the hiking is great.

I’ve sent some pictures along…the first is the clock tower on the waterfront, dedicated to Queen Victoria on her Golden Jubilee. As you can see, it’s well maintained, and still seems to be keeping perfect time. The second photo is “Smuggler’s Inn”, along the SW Coastal Path , in Osmington Mills. Thatched roof pub, good beer and food. As our waiter said when I asked him about the building: “It was founded a few hundred years before your country!”

Third photo is just a random shot along the path, but it gives you an idea of the scenery. Views like this were a constant. Climbing the hills on the path gives you a great cardio workout!

Leaving here tomorrow for Hampshire, staying in Winchester for a few days. I hope to have a British mowing report soon, but thus far I’ve discovered very little.

CFB scheduling & Ironman tattoos

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

Flew Southwest  yesterday and will probably never fly on a Delta flight just for the sole reason of not ever wanting to sit on the diarrhea plane. You just can’t risk the mental suffering of potentially being on that plane. I don’t care if they went in Dustin Hoffman/Outbreak style in a bright yellow hazmat suit to clean that up, it’s a no from me.

In regards to CFB scheduling, I get Chris B.’s point but he knows Clemson didn’t “schedule” that game right? That’s a conference game. I do get why crappy teams schedule up for the payouts but teams have proven you can make the CFP by scheduling way down.

Also, props to Chris B. for the upcoming Ironman and wondering his thoughts on “Ironman logo tattooed on the leg” guy and “100” sticker on the back of his minivan guy.

Good luck to all of you participating in Gauntlets this season. Half of you are getting your first wins tonight.


I’d have to go back and look, but I think Chris B. meant why would LSU bother scheduling Florida State.

Speaking of the Gauntlet, which many of you know about from 2022, I was in a draft with Michael J. in Chiraq last night and I ended up with the Eagles, Bengals, Colts and Arizona. It’s clear where I need help. The Colts schedule is rather weak. Now it’s time to shock the world and help me win the Gauntlet league.

Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green writes:

No Respect and Redheads

• William R. in Reisterstown, MD writes:

Hey Joe, how’s it going?

This is your pal William in Reisterstown MD writing in to say hello and offer a few observations.

– In my neighborhood it is easy to tell if someone is a member of Caps Nation, especially when I see people outside mowing on Saturday or Sunday. However, take a look at the attached photo (taken today) for another clear sign. This house around the corner from me puts up a “Dead and Breakfast” display every year for Halloween. And it seems like they start putting it up earlier every year. As you can see from the attached, it has already started. These people need to get on the RESPECT SUMMER bandwagon.

– Regarding the TNML, with the season winding down I wanted to let you know that I never got the sticker that I requested back in March. Not sure if my request was overlooked or denied for some reason, but can you add me to the list for when you get some new ones in?  Address below.

– If you take requests, I would like to see a few REDHEADS to be posted occasionally in the daily columns. 


Absolutely disgusting behavior. The NFL season hasn’t even started. Get it together, people. You’re decorating for Halloween earlier than people decorate for Christmas. It’s out of control out there and needs to be called out.

Look, it’s not exactly easy to find redheads that haven’t been created by AI bots. The stats aren’t in William’s favor, but it just happens that Hooters superstar Scarlett is a redhead.

Is Diesel being targeted? Is someone trying to send a message to the Screencaps legend? Or was his office the victim of a random country road drive-by?

• Diesel writes via the text group:

The window behind my desk at work…someone doesn’t like me lol


I’m not a weapons expert. What kind of weaponry is leaving this damage in Diesel’s office window?

BTW, I’m not revealing what he does for a living, but there are some people who have problems with his profession. I’ll leave it at that.

Have you been receiving an error when trying to read Screencaps? Is your iPhone refreshing and causing havoc? I need to hear from you

Guys, you know the last thing I like to do, especially on opening night of the NFL season, is to deal with IT issues, but I’m hearing more and more of you are having problems. Let’s see if I can find a solution here. Are there too many IG embeds which are causing the phones to reload the page and crash?

Let’s figure this out.


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