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What is the worst household chore that you absolutely dread doing?

Zach W. asked this one and left me sitting here thinking about it for a minute.


The logical answer here is picking up dog crap in the yard before I mow, but that’s on league night, which means I’m in a good frame of mind, so it’s not the end of the world to pick up dog dumps.

I’m going with dusting and sweeping based on the volume of dusting required to fully eradicate the dust while knowing it’ll need done again in a week. It’s just constant and it’s everywhere which means you’re about to commit serious amounts of time to getting this chore done.

Dishes don’t bother me. Taking out the trash is a Thursday night routine. Laundry isn’t horrible — I’ve worked at home for 12 years…there’s not much to worry about in that department.

Dusting…total pain in the ass.

By the way, last night I went to town detailing the inside of Mrs. Screencaps’ grocery-getter van and I’m getting to the point in life where detailing the cars is actually enjoyable. The satisfaction with the end result is soothing. Now I just need to get some Yacht Rock on the garage speaker and that’s a solid Tuesday night in early August.

I just need to get better with cleaning the windshield all the way in the front where it’s hard to get a hand in there. Any secrets for a rookie?

Speaking of chores, emptying out one of our dehumidifiers that doesn’t dump into our sump saved my ass this week. I went to dump the water bucket and noticed our sump wasn’t pumping out the crock. Yep, it was dead after about 10 years of service.

That could have been bad.


It’s August and that means Gauntlet leagues are starting to form. Over the weekend, I received my first email from Michael J. in Illinois on whether I would be re-running the 2022 league won by Wyn in Colorado and joining Michael J.’s league that’s entering its third season.

Yes. Yes.

For the rookies around here, the Gauntlet is an 8-person league where you auction off all 32 NFL teams. Each Gauntlet participant gets $100 for a virtual draft. Then they buy four NFL teams. The participant with the most total wins at the end of the season wins the league.

WINS. Ties don’t count. Tough luck.

If you were in my league last year, it’s time to let me know if you’re back in.

Cedar Point is bringing back Top Thrill Dragster with a twist

• Doug J. wanted me to see this news:


I did see on a Facebook Cedar Point superfan board (the algorithm put it on my homepage) that some of the Top Thrill fans aren’t thrilled that the initial launch has been scaled back.

Which lib lib city will pull this move in the very near future?

I need to get the OutKick odds guy Geoff to provide some future lines on this one.

Rookie emailer has fun with an AI bot

• Brian S. in Indy makes his debut:

First timer here but I’ve been following Screencaps since the beginning and love my daily reprieve from the real world. Thought you may enjoy the recent exchange I had with Denise below who accidentally picked my number to try and scam me. (Don’t think she is a fan of Airplane the movie). 

Also, I proposed to my wife at Put in Bay back in 2005 and you aren’t kidding, that place has a special aura where everyone just feels relaxed and can cut loose and forget about life for a bit. We went back several more years in a row until we started having kids, but then made a comeback and returned for Memorial Day weekend in 2018, then took our kids with us the same year for Labor Day weekend (It was surreal to have the kids at The Island Club for a weekend).

Haven’t been able to get back since but we definitely need to get back to the Beer Barrel to see The Menus again, are they even still around? Also, The Round House and Frosty Bar are excellent establishments. I miss the island a lot and wish I would have attended one of the PIB Invitationals, maybe next year?

And Dave & Busters with the wife is absolutely acceptable, my better half would go and play Centipede for hours if we ever had any time between soccer and cheer practice, plus whatever else life throws at us. 

What did they think was going to happen?

From the NY Times:

Two, three, four days later, they were still lined up outside the city’s migrant intake center at the Roosevelt Hotel, around the corner from Grand Central Terminal — close to 200 people, nearly all men. Sleeping on the sidewalk. Heads resting on book bags, trash bags of belongings by their sides: the visible faces of a system that has officially broken down.

More than 100,000 people now live in shelters in the city.

Pond maintenance advice for Bo T. in Michigan

• Guy G. in western New York writes:

For Bo, and his ponds. What I have found, is that it will really depend on what is the water source for the pond. We have a bunch of them on the property, and most have been dug. Our spring-fed ponds are almost maintenance-free. We did just overhaul them last year, by clearing out bushes and trees that have popped up. Our fishing pond needed the cattails removed, so we got a mini excavator, and dug them all out. Make sure you leave shady spots, or you’ll lose all your fish! This has been our biggest success for the fishing pond and swimming ponds.

For the ponds that are filled via rain or streams, we have more trouble with those. They will attract all kinds of pests that you don’t want. We see muskrats, beaver, snapping turtles, snakes…all kinds of things that we don’t see at our spring-fed ponds. Tannerite helps take out beaver dams, and small gauge for the turtles.

We’ve cleaned up edges, and tried to remove vegetation from the water, without a ton of success. It’s our biggest pond, of just about 6 acres, which seems daunting. It’s a constant battle with that one! Father-in-law seems to think that connecting a couple of drainage ditches to the pond, and increasing the drainage capacity while lowering the water level will eliminate some of the issues, and has been added to next years project list.

Guess I’ll just be $1.25B richer later this week

That’s it. We’re done for a Wednesday. Guys, did you realize there’s football tomorrow night? I woke this morning thinking about how nice it’s going to be after mowing to go into the basement and sit there watching 4th stringers play in the Hall of Fame game. There’s nothing like it this time of year.

Then I’ll ignore most of the preseason and concentrate on having a month of fun before the regular season stats.

Have a great day across this incredible country even with all its flaws.


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