Watson’s Lawyer: ‘Avalanche of False Accusations’ Since Learning Accusers’ Names

Deshaun Watson’s team answered the lawsuits filed against the Houston Texans quarterback on Monday, saying that he didn’t engage in any improper conduct.

“The answer to the question of whether we are saying that all 22 plaintiffs are lying about the allegations of sexual misconduct by Mr. Watson is a resounding yes,” the Monday statement by Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin reads.

Earlier Monday, Hardin and his team filed one overall response in each of the 22 cases, and in the court document, Watson’s legal team said the “lawsuits are replete with mischaracterizations of Mr. Watson’s conduct.”

“These range from being misleading, to fraudulent, to slanderous,” the filing reads. “Importantly, only two of the twenty-two lawsuits allege that Mr. Watson forced any type of sexual activity—an allegation Mr. Watson again vehemently denies. And even at this early stage of the litigation, the evidence obtained by the defense clearly supports Mr. Watson’s denial of these allegations of force.”

Hardin said in his statement that his firm and Watson “take allegations of sexual misconduct against women very seriously, as we all should.”

“We have waited to respond to the numerous allegations made by Mr. Buzbee and his clients until we could responsibly investigate,” the statement reads. “In the few days since his accusers’ names have been revealed, as was required by Texas law, we are discovering an avalanche of false accusations.”

The statement Hardin provided after the filing summarizes what the team provided to the courts.

“In the case of Sheneé Lawson, her business manager acknowledged to Mr. Watson’s marketing manager that the contact was consensual, but she still wanted money,” the statement says. “And in the case of Marchelle Davis, witnesses state that Ms. Davis was happy and excited after she massaged Mr. Watson.”

Hardin said Davis lied about being alone in the spa, and she knew there was a security guard present at all times when Mr. Watson was there.

“In addition, she told witnesses that if Mr. Watson had paid her off, she would have supported him instead of suing him,” Hardin’s statement reads.

He closed his statement, welcoming anyone with relevant information to contact his firm and said that he hopes everyone will take a “fair and measured look at these accusations as we go forward in these cases.”

On Friday, Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio said that the team is “respectful of the legal process” and that he doesn’t have “any comment” on the situation.

OutKick has reached out to Tony Buzbee for comment on Hardin’s statement, but have not heard back by time of publication.

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Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Really? This is the best his lawyer can do? Message to Lawyer: Perhaps the reason why 22 women came out is because each woman thought it was just them, no one else. I doubt if any of these ladies ever knew each other. But as more women came forward, they realized it wasn’t them, but DeShaun’s predatory nature all along, and he wasn’t going to stop until he got called-out. (I agree with Clay, he better fire this attorney and start settling out of court with these plaintiffs.)

  2. Here’s a fact that Rusty Hardin ignores. He is accusing a VERY effective and famous lawyer, Tony Buzbee, of lying about these 22 women who have accused Mr. Watson of sexual abuse.

    Mr. Busbee is, if Mr. Hardin’s view is accurate, risking his life’s work and his law license. Mr. Buzbee is NOT going to risk his ability to make a living by presenting 22 women who he knows are lying.

    Mr. Hardin is swimming upstream by calling Buzbee and his clients liars.

  3. Divorced in 2003, fifteen years later went back into court to argue a horseshit moving violation and realized I never wanted to ever go back to court again… At present, I lie, cheat, and steal to get out the steady stream innocuous jury duty summons because nothing good ever happens in court, it takes the life out of even the strongest even with a win. Watson needs to fire the goof and settle this crap… Any problem that can be solved with money is not really a problem.

  4. i’m not a trial lawyer, but i’ve had numerous clients ask me to ‘make something go away’ or ‘fix something’. almost every time, the client was in the wrong and asking for a magic solution.

    Magic! Magic is that thing that Merlin does with a Wand and fancy spells.

    courts don’t really resolve anything, because people lie so much even in the face of perjury.

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