WATCH: TikTok Lib Claims Dog Is A Vegetarian ‘By Choice’ … The Tape Proves Otherwise

The proof is in the Purina.

Indoctrinating weak-minded Americans became too easy a task for radical libs, so instead they decided to move on to dogs — a beloved species not known for #resisting orders.

“Some of you just don’t believe that my dog is a vegetarian,” claimed TikTok user @arlee___m, promising viewers that her dog, Bonnie, was a bona fide vegetarian — contrary to basic understanding of how dogs work.

“Also, my dog is very healthy. She loves greens, she loves her salad. And I don’t force her to eat her salad. It’s what she likes.”

The TikTok user presented one plate of meat versus a plate of salad for the dog to pick — going as far as introducing both options with a blatant bias for the leafy greens … as if the dog could understand a word.

The result was a bitch — specifically a meat-loving pup that dug face first into the delicious heap of mystery meat.

Rather than turning a new leaf, the dog decided to behave like its own species and proved to be the smarter specimen on video.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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