WATCH: Tennis Match Hilariously Interrupted By ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’

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There are a lot of ways to interrupt a sporting event, but blasting the song “Cotton-Eyed Joe” over the PA isn’t the most common one. Believe it or not, that exact thing happened to a tennis match on Saturday.

It happened during a match between Iga Swiatek and Jessica Pegula at the Canadian Open in Montreal. With Swiatek entering the tournament as the No. 1 seed and Pegula as the No. 4 this was a big match.

Pegula was up 4-3 in a second-set tiebreak and within sight of what would be a big upset.

However, after things got underway, their volley was interrupted by the opening lines of “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

You can tell it was a tennis crowd because everyone gasped when this happened. I’m sure a few old biddies in the crowd passed out because of “the vapors” too.

They immediately suspended the point, because you’re supposed to be quiet during tennis matches and that includes the PA system and whoever had “Cotton-Eyed Joe” cued up.

I don’t know why they needed it ready to go at a moment’s notice, but I’m not a huge tennis guy.

By the way, is there a more perfect song to interrupt a tennis match in this manner? “Cotton-Eyed Joe” has to be the funniest option.

One person who may not have found it so funny was Pegula (whose parents own the Buffalo Bills and Sabres).

The interrupted point was replayed and it wound up being the first of 12 straight points that Swiatek won. That meant she won the tiebreaker, plus the first two games of the third set.

However, despite the scare, Pegula came out with the upset win, no thanks to the dulcet tones of “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

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