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WATCH: President Biden Can’t Help But Call Satchel Paige ‘The Great Negro’ Of Baseball

President Joe Biden’s go-to speech to soften up the crowds has been a retelling of legendary baseball pitcher Satchel Paige’s perspective on the longevity of his career — an all-timer that pitched well into his 40s. Biden has rinsed and reused the tale on several occasions, but the latest iteration of the story caught the president using some outdated language deemed cancelable by the modern media’s standards. During a Veterans Day speech delivered at the Arlington National Cemetery, the president went down a rabbit hole on the revered Paige, considered by Biden as “the great Negro” of baseball, per his description and narration. How’d Biden know Satchel Paige was black if he didn’t get a chance to submit his black card by voting for him?— Gary Sheffield Jr (@GarysheffieldJr) November 11, 2021 After allowing the awkward gaffe to draw confused looks from the crowd, Biden tried to brush off his use of the politically incorrect term (despite using it again) knowing it was probably in his research packet that morning to stray from using language championed by deceased friend of Biden’s and KKK member, Robert Byrd. As with many of the PC standards set by the left, Democrats repeatedly prove to be […]



Written by Alejandro Avila

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