WATCH: Joe, Jill Biden Seen Inside D.C. Restaurant Without Masks, Breaking City’s Mandate

President Joe Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden were caught walking inside a restaurant in Washington, D.C. without masks — an infringement of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s indoor masking mandate.

The city’s ordinances require both vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens to wear masks at all times while in an indoor establishment. The two were recorded by a patron at Fiola Mare, located in Georgetown. Once the video surfaced, people once again began to question the COVID messaging propped by Democrats.

The Biden White House has encouraged people to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. Saturday night’s scene is just another example of Democratic leadership setting rules but not following them.

According to Bowser’s mask mandate, “Everyone (including fully vaccinated people) must wear masks in indoor public settings,” including “restaurants and bars (when not eating or drinking).” Since implementing the rule in July, cases have soared.

Indoor mask mandates have been indefinitely mandated in places like Los Angeles, and citizens remain uncertain as to when the mandates will be lifted.

Democratic leadership has long vied for COVID-19 restrictions and continually prove they aren’t about the science. Rather, they’re about maintaining control.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. How bout that illegal invasion at our Southern border all the hoards of unvaxed unvetted being shipped all over our country maybe some reporting on that instead of this over reported bullshit about masks what say AA how bout it

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