Watch: Ja Morant Had One Of The Most Impressive Blocks You’ll Ever See

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Folks attending Sunday evening’s Lakers game witnessed one of the game’s brightest stars perform a once-in-a-career type of athletic feat. And for a change, it wasn’t Los Angeles superstar LeBron James.

Memphis’ Ja Morant, stole the show with a block worthy of Hollywood’s brightest lights — a block so good that even James had to acknowledge its greatness.

“Didn’t know he was going to do it in that fashion, but he got rockets in his calf muscles, and it was a spectacular play,” James said of Morant’s first-quarter rejection. “It was a great play. Salute.”

WATCH Morant’s rocket-powered calves below. Then watch it a few more times to confirm that your eyeballs aren’t deceiving you.

As the video shows, Morant was trailing as LA’s Avery Bradley attempted a fast-break layup, but Morant wasn’t about to allow him to score.

Seconds later, Morant secured his place in NFT lure with one of the most impressive blocks you’ll ever see. Not only did Morant stop Bradley from scoring, he swatted the ball with both hands and turned a surefire Laker bucket into Memphis’ ball. Making the block even more impressive is Morant’s small stature. The point guard is listed at 6’3, 174 pounds, but he played big enough to have both elbows near the rim.

“I just got back and made an incredible play,” Morant said following an eight-point Grizzlies win. “I was just trying to gather the ball. Most of the time on a break like that, if you block it, they might have a player trailing to get the ball and lay it up. It worked out perfect for me.”

Morant, 22, had a feeling his Los Angeles block party would make more than just the local paper. “Now I’m probably all over the internet for it,” he told reporters post game.

Unlike Bradley’s layup attempt, that’s something that can’t be denied.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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