WATCH: Arrowhead Security Makes Best Tackle Of The Game When Fan Runs on Field During Chiefs-Bills

The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs are leading an offensive onslaught in their AFC Divisional Round matchup, but the security team at Arrowhead Stadium is putting on a hell of a defensive performance.

Unable to contain his excitement, a fan at Arrowhead Stadium ran on the field with two minutes left in the fourth and the Bills trailing 21-26.

The CBS broadcast briefly caught an Arrowhead security member catch up to the fan at the line of scrimmage and put his finest Derrick Thomas tackling skills on display.


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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Guided by Kevin Harlan on one shoulder, Eli Manning on the other, Alejandro joins the OutKick community with an authentic passion for sports, pop culture, America, and episodes of Jeopardy!


Twitter: @AlejandroAveela


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