Washington Wizards Giving Away One Of The Greatest Bobbleheads Of All-Time Honoring Kyle Kuzma’s Insane Pink Sweater

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Bobbleheads don’t seem to have that same cool, nostalgic feeling to them these days. Maybe that’s me getting older or the simple fact that you don’t really see teams giving them out as often as they used to. Nevertheless, the Kyle Kuzma bobblehead the Washington Wizards are giving out on Friday night makes me feel things.

In case you may have forgotten about one of the more iconic and also ludicrous moments in NBA player fashion history, Kuzma showed up to a Wizards game in November 2021 wearing a ridiculous pink sweater.

The body of the sweater was oversized, but the sleeves nearly touched the ground, which is saying a lot given Kuzma is 6-foot-9.

While Kuzma’s fashion moment came over a year ago, the Wizards decided to honor the classic moment with a bobblehead paying respects to the infamous sweater.


The first 10,000 fans that enter the arena ahead of the Wizards-Knicks game on Friday night will be blessed with the Kuzma bobblehead.

While it’s highly unlikely Kyle Kuzma will go down as an all-time great when it’s all said and done, that is without question an all-time great bobblehead.

Credit to the Wizards for thinking outside the box with the bobblehead design.

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