Washington Post Hires Smear Merchant Laura Wagner, Who Told Jeff Bezos To ‘Eat Sh*t’

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The Washington Post hired a woman named Laura Wagner to assume the role of media reporter.

Wagner is a familiar name to followers of Barstool. She made her name by smearing Dave Portnoy and his lieutenants for having more fun, success, and relevance than her.

Wagner was the ghoul who doxxed PFT Commenter, ruining the harmless fun of his anonymity.

But the name might also sound familiar to news readers. Wagner is also known for her coverage of Jeff Bezos.

While at the Defector, a hit piece blog that former Deadspin staffers assembled, Wagner told Bezos to “eat sh*t.”

Well, “eat sh*t you clown f*ck,” to be specific.

In the article, Wags mocked Amazon for becoming a union company.

“Is this not glorious? Does this not bring a happy little tear to your eye? Does is [sic] not make you want to yell, HELL YEAH FUCK YEAH EAT SHIT JEFF BEZOS WOOOOOOOO!


Interestingly, that “clown f*ck” is Wags’ new boss. Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.

Quite the development.

The Post hired a woman who cheered for its owner to “eat sh*t.” As the saying should go, media executives are dense.

What’s more, Wagner accepted a role in which she will receive a paycheck from the very “clown f*ck” she purported to abhor.

So one of two statements must be true.

1. Laura Wagner lacks principles and her animated detestation of Bezos was merely for show.

2. Laura Wagner is broke, the Defector can’t pay her bills, so she had to swallow her pride and work for the clown man.

Because why else would she accept a role for a company Bezos owns?

Wagner Resembles Another Media Familiar Media Member

She’s no different than Jemele Hill. On Twitter, Hill does not like white people. She thinks they are gross. Hill encourages black people to disassociate from whites. And yet, Hill works for the white-owned Atlantic, with whom her white manager brokered a deal.

Corporate press journalists are hypocrites. They hold themselves up as heroes and speak to society as if it’s beneath them.

That said, Wags did own ESPN golden girl Mina Kimes in a Twitter spat last year.

Via New York Post.

Not a good look. Losing to Miss Wags, that is.

Laura Wagner embodies the declaring state of media. She is resentful, jealous, wrathful, and indifferent to the truth.

Laura Wagner is Taylor Lorenz sans a scandal over her age. Fittingly, Wagner and Lorenz are now co-workers.

Find a nastier and more unimpressive duo.

The days of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are no more.

Written by Bobby Burack

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