Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial Now Offensive and Called to be Removed

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The Washington Monument is offensive and may just need to be removed, per this week’s outrage.

A woke committee reporting to Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser recommended that dozens of historical monuments, schools, parks, and government buildings should be changed. The committee cited “racism” and mentioned the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial as among the problems.

To no surprise, Tuesday, Bowser said she looks forward to advancing the recommendations.

Sometimes these requests, statements and tweets are almost too good to be real life. You wonder if a comedy writer is behind it all trolling the left.

If not, according to this committee, the following names are egregious humans:

George Washington, huh? Thomas Jefferson, too? That damn Benjamin Franklin.

Senator Lindsey Graham summed it up:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier….it did,” Graham tweeted. “The idea of DC renaming monuments to our Founding Fathers — who created the greatest country on Earth — is beyond offensive. Yet another reason DC should never be a state!”

It just got crazier.

So crazy, even perpetually offended John Oliver didn’t see it coming.

It appears “somewhere,” doesn’t exist.

At this rate, odds are there will soon be a push to change the name that appears in front of “D.C.” A few come to mind that would satisfy this mob: Sharpton, AOC, Winfrey, and Cuomo (Andrew, not his brother). Miss any?

I’m also curious if there will be demands to remove the title of “president” from 90% of our past leaders? Starting with Donald Trump, obviously. Or, as the NBA did, maybe we will retire the term altogether?

And why stop there?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. A lot of liberal lefty mayors are sweating right now. The Feds are investigating how these riots have been funded and coordinated. And Mayor’s like Bowser in DC need distractions and Bowser can’t seem to find a good one.

    She’s a moron in every way shape and form. And that’s Not Her City to F with.

  2. They are becoming parodies of themselves.

    Let me know when they move to erase the term “Democratic Party” as it was the party that supported slavery, pushed for secession, enacted Jim Crow, and defended segregation (something they are back to doing today). Until then, their actions are as hypocritical as they are devoid of intellgence

  3. Show the light of what freedom means. Just lock arms and stay the course. The ignorance and evil that comes from it WILL lose. Speak your mind, stay strong, show love. Love is NOT weakness. Never said “let them abuse you”. That is cowardice. THAT’S how we win.

  4. The pyramids should be next….and anything that references ancient Egypt. An advanced black culture that went to war (with God no less) to maintain mega slavery should be erased from history. Oh wait, my bad… I forgot that slavery has really only existed in the last 300-400 years.

  5. the cancel culture is just that. there will never be enough to appease them. they are marxists and anarchists. they are simply bullies that are being propped up by the MSM and God only knows how many different funding sources. Stand fast, remain true to what we know is true in our hearts and hold the line.

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