Washington School District Encouraging Teachers to Consider Race When Disciplining Students

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The Clover Park School District in Washington state approved a new policy that encourages teachers to consider race when disciplining students.

The policy, dubbed “culturally responsive discipline,” tells school staff to impose disciplinary policies that “may be adapted to individual student needs in a culturally responsive manner.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, the race-based disciplinary policy encourages harsher punishments for — who else — white students and softer punishments for students of color.

So, if a teacher catches both a black and white student cheating on the same math test, their punishments will differ in Clover Park School District.

Radio host Jason Rant discussed cultural discipline on Fox Business this week:

In addition to the blatant racism, this policy is illegal. A school cannot implement rules that tell staff to punish white students more harshly than students of color for the same offense.

The policy is the result of a racialized society in which institutions feel pressure to see subjects — in this case, children — by their skin color, not their individuality.

Schools, like corporate America, believe they are making up for racism decades ago by returning to racism once again, this time toward white people. They are fighting past examples of racism with overtly racist policies. They call this “progress.”

So if you plan to act up in school moving forward, you best not be a white kid. If you happen to be white, I suggest you become a model student immediately.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Lame AF. Just keep creating criminals. Instead of the school to prison pipeline now it will be the juvenile delinquent to gang banger pipeline. No consequences for any bad behavior so these kids will think everything is ok and there will be no consequences. If they live in Seattle that is true so yay!!! Liberals ruin everything!!!

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