Was Connor McDavid Cheating On His Girlfriend Over The Weekend? Hockey Fans Are Buzzing

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NHL superstar Connor McDavid has the hockey world talking today after video of the Edmonton Oilers captain holding hands with some woman who isn’t his girlfriend surfaced on the Internet.

The possibly hammered (maybe, highly likely) McDavid walks hand-to-hand with a brunette who is definitely not Connor’s girlfriend Lauren Kyle because Ms. Kyle is a blonde and hockey Twitter is 100% that woman is not the girlfriend who was by Connor’s side as the Oilers saw their season come to an end at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche via a sweep in the Western Conference Finals.

Let’s go to the footage to see what’s going on here. Internet sleuths say this is Sixth St. in Austin, Texas:

The good news so far for 25-year-old Connor is that Ms. Kyle has yet to blow up this story with a reaction post that would then send the tabloids into a frenzy. She’s laying low — so far.

Connor McDavid cheating on girlfriend
Was Connor McDavid caught cheating on his girlfriend Lauren Kyle? / Twitter

Listen, here’s the deal for the NHL — they need something like this to dominate the tabloids for a week. McDavid causing chaos in his relationship is exactly what the NHL marketing department needs as the Stanley Cup Finals are set to begin (Wednesday, 8 PM ET, ESPN).

I know, it’s horrible for McDavid’s girlfriend if this is news to her, but this is the celebrity world, it happens from time to time. This is how the content machine keeps churning along and it’s typically great for everyone involved. Lauren can play the victim card in the Canadian media, raise her profile and it’s a win for her.

Let’s say McDavid just broke up with her and it was a traditional “we’re going our own ways” statement from his PR team. She gets no buzz out of that breakup.

Now she’s in the driver’s seat.

Use this moment to your advantage, Lauren. Trust me here.

Let’s see how Daisy is reacting to this news. That’s right, this is big in the hockey world:

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