Warren Moon Says He Doesn’t Think Colin Kaepernick Will Get Another Shot In The NFL

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NFL free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made it known that he is working out and ready for another opportunity.

But although it’s been nearly six years since the 34-year-old took snaps under center, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon doesn’t see a scenario where Kaepernick plays another down in the NFL.

“I just don’t know if he’s going to get that opportunity,” Moon said, via TMZ Sports. “I just don’t think the NFL wants that subject back into the league.”

Talk of a possible Kaepernick return has ramped up in recent weeks since he began posting videos of himself training with NFL receivers such as the Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett.

Such workout videos prompted Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll to say this past week that he believes Kaepernick deserves a second chance in the NFL. Carroll didn’t specify if he thought Kaepernick’s chance would come with Seattle.

Richard Whitfield, who oversaw Kaepernick’s workouts with NFL receivers, said that he believes Kaepernick could play for any team in the league.

“[Kaepernick] could play for any one of these 32 teams. He looked great,” Whitfield said, via The Wall Street Journal. “Five years? You’d think he just finished playing football during the regular season.”

When it comes to the NFL owners, however, Moon said it’s unlikely any of the 32 decision makers will change their mind on Kaepernick.

“Just thinking off the top of my head, those owners, they have a very close-knit unit and once they make their minds up that they don’t want to do something, it doesn’t happen,” Moon said.

The last time Kaepernick was under center in the 2016 season with the 49ers, he went 1-10 as starter, throwing for 2,241 yards, 16 touchdowns and four interceptions on 59.2% passing.

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 Kaperdick doesn’t want to play in the NFL. He just wants the attention so he can continue raking in the cash from woke Nike. He can and throw all he wants, but when he throws it into the teeth of the defense because he can’t read a defense, he won’t get a job. Dude was one of the worst QB’s when he quit because he couldn’t get a starter’s salary.

    Snoozorama……. Hopefully no NFL team is employing Warren in the personnel department…..

  2. Kaepernick doesn’t want to play in the NFL. He wants the attention to play the victim, racism cards. Much more money in the social justice business (ask ESPN) than getting a real job or producing a real product.

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