NPR Names ‘WAP’ Best Song of 2020, Claiming ‘Ladyparts’ Draw ‘Ire of the Insecure’

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Creating year-end lists was once a great content idea. Every December, I used to search for lists ranking the best movies, shows, songs, and books of the year. Those days are gone. Long gone.

Outlets no longer judge content on quality. Instead, rankings now depend on how woke the film is, how critical of America the novel is, how bent-Left the historical book reads, and how much a TV show that has nothing to do with race is about race.

NPR, subsidized by taxpayers, is no different. NPR determined that the best song of 2020 is Cardi B’s “WAP” (“Wet-ass Pussy”), which came in No. 1 on its 100 Best Songs of 2020 list.

Perhaps “WAP” was the best song of 2020. It’s probably up there. It’s catchy and great for those, such as Democratic politicians, who are allowed to party with friends. But that’s not why NPR ranked it as such. Not even close.

According to their pandering blurb, “WAP” was the best because it supposedly “drew the ire” of the Americans whom NPR despises.

“To no one’s surprise, a pair of women honoring their own ladyparts and the pleasures they dish out and expect returned in spades drew the ire of the insecure, of zealots and moral grandstanders,” NPR explained.

Wait, I thought this is a music list? Wrong. The beat and quality of a song are irrelevant. A song is the best as long as the right unnamed “zealots” are bothered by it. After all, that is what makes good music, according to NPR.

As for the beat and rhythm? Who cares. Maybe NPR doesn’t even like those musical features.

The blurb goes on: “The backlash, however inseparable from the song’s cultural narrative, only bolsters the argument for its politics of pleasure.”

Politics of pleasure. Remember that if you are an artist hoping to make the list in 2021.

“At its core, ‘WAP’ is Cardi and Meg’s assertion that their expression, both artistic and sexual, belongs to them and them alone.”

“Such a filthy bit of joy may be born of entertainment, but it persists as necessity — fake prudishness be damned.”

Well, that explains it. When driving home from work, radio listeners are searching for a “filthy bit of joy” on the radio. Got it.

It appears John Lennon’s “Imagine” is in danger of falling to second all-time, as a result.

(Remember, some Americans still get their news from NPR.)

NPR insists that it is better to read the lyrics than to listen to them since the wording and “politics of pleasure” are what make the song great. Here it is, the best song of 2020, for your reading pleasure:

I want you to park that big Mack truck Right in this little garage

Make it cream, make me scream

Out in public, make a scene I don’t cook, I don’t clean

But let me tell you how I got this ring (ayy, ayy)

Gobble me, swallow me, drip down the side of me

He already made his mind up ‘fore he came

Now get your boots and your coat

For this wet-ass pussy

He bought a phone just for pictures

Of this wet-ass pussy

Pay my tuition just to kiss me

On this wet-ass pussy

Now make it rain if you wanna

For people, who just judge music on the music, here’s the song:

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. “To no one’s surprise, a pair of women honoring their own ladyparts and the pleasures they dish out and expect returned in spades drew the ire of the insecure, of zealots and moral grandstanders,” NPR explained.

    So that’s where Mason gets the parrot line about fragility.

    Besides these two ‘women’ will be irrelevant in 5- years…the next silicon inflated stripper with an autotune voice will come out with the next revolutionary album.

  2. First of All – What do women in their late 40’s to late 50’s think about the title to this song?

    Second of All – Does anyone recall Elizabeth Taylor’s stellar career? Nope. (Liz is known for looking good and marrying Richard Burton 7 times)

    side note: every 20-25 years the left has to reduce minorities into their lane. promoting this chic and her Kardashian influence, is how they keep minorities in ‘their lane’. and yet minorities keep voting for lefty stuff. wow.

  3. I’m over 65 and I’m no prude. Actually, back in the day, I loved a WAP! But what really pisses me off is that we, the taxpayers, subsidize fucking left wing NPR. The review, I’m sure was done by some wimpy, little white, woke prick. The song sucks by the way. Just another example of pandering.

  4. Chris you took the words out of my mouth. White and Jewish liberals love for black and brown folks to stay in the moral gutter. Further, its not fake to be offended by this nasty song. Also, remember how NPR and all the other liberal news outlets lost their collective minds when Trump said if you are famous women let you grab them by the p&&SY. Now just because Megan Thee Mare, er Stallion (I wonder if she is telling us she is a chick with a dick) and Cardi B get nasty its ok. Liberals don’t have any morals. Plain and simple.

  5. Reiner…you nailed it. They think the brown and black people they promote represent sexual revolution to justify keeping the culture in immorality and it keeps us all in the ghetto of civilization to accept it. It’s sickening.

    • I think I finally understand the mindset of liberals as to why this statement isn’t hypocrisy.

      They hate morality in people (and it’s not just white people who can live a moral ordered life) and try to undermine people who are moral. While at the same time they love immorality and promote it.

  6. Really does appear to be a conscious effort to de-moralize our society. Although I still believe far more good than bad out there, we are seeing just what a cesspool our media (social and traditional) as well as entertainment and higher education are turning into. I by no means support suppressing free speech, but am vehemently against propaganda veiled as truth. Just the facts, leave out the narrative. And let’s evaluate things based on quality/merit again.

  7. The same people who praise this song are the same ones who flipped out that Donald Trump talked about grabbing women by the pussy in a secretly recorded conversation fifteen years ago….ya, let’s just say those same people don’t have any respectable traits about them.

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