Waitress Says Wearing Pigtails Increases Tips

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A waitress took to TikTok to document her attempt to use pigtails to increase her tips. She was pleasantly surprised by the results and went from hater to supporter of the recommendation.

Waitress Bella Woodward, who has a following of more than 84,000 on TikTok, took to the social media app to share her attempt at increasing her tips by wearing pigtails. She took the suggestion from another waitress on TikTok.

The 21-year-old started her video by expressing some confusion as to why wearing her hair in pigtails would increase her tips. Saying that her fellow waitress received more tips for “some weird, crazy reason.”

“Okay, so, I saw this TikTok about this girl, she’s a waitress and I’m a waitress, and how she gets more tips when her hair’s in pigtails, for some weird, crazy reason.”

Woodward later added that if the pigtail hack worked it was “weird and gross.”

It turns out the hack did work and the waitress went from calling it weird and gross to recommending it to others, “Y’all were not lying. I got a $135 tip by one guy tonight.”

“Wear pigtails to work, I’m boutta be doing this everyday.”

It doesn’t have to be so complicated

Woodard decided to turn her experience into a series of videos. She tested hairstyles and reported back on whether they increased her tips. The most success she had was with the pigtails.

This sparked debate in the comment section of those videos. There were those who didn’t see anything wrong with the increased tips for pigtails. And there were those who thought her tippers were creepy and sexualizing the hairstyle.

I don’t get tipping someone based on a certain hairstyle, but I fully understand the concept of attractive people receiving larger tips.

It’s likely that this isn’t as serious as some are trying to make it out to be and some people just find the hairstyle more attractive.

Written by Sean Joseph

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