Wait, Did A Stripper Break The James Harden News Or Was It a Joke?

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A Twitter user named Hillary made headlines Thursday when James Harden was traded to the 76ers for Ben Simmons and her Wednesday tweet about giving Harden a lapdance went viral.

“I just gave James Harden a lapdance & he told me he’s a Sixer,” Hillary tweeted Wednesday while claiming it was to a 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” by Taylor Swift.

Did Hillary actually beat Adrian Wojnarowski to the biggest trade news of the NBA season while gyrating for noted stripper aficionado Harden?

Did a stripper break the James Harden news before ESPN? / Twitter

Now for the bad news: it was a joke. Hillary hasn’t come out and made a full disclosure on her Twitter account, but she’s mentioned “joke” in multiple replies to people who can’t believe a stripper (I think that’s also a joke, who knows) would end up with her very own Woj-bomb.

Remember, you have to investigate this stuff even though it’s so plausible that Harden would leak the news to a stripper during a 10-minute Taylor Swift song. We’re talking about a guy who allegedly had his Houston Rockets jersey retired at a Houston strip club.

This time many of you were fooled, but you had good reason to fall for it all.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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