Vladimir Putin Toilet Paper Finds Place Inside Of Sean McVay’s Home

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Rams coach Sean McVay and his fiancee, Veronika Khomyn, share the same opinion of Russian president Vladimir Putin as most of the rest of the world.

He stinks.

And the future McVay’s would like to see Putin flushed, maybe more literally than others.

On Sunday, Khomyn shared a photo captioned “Home Accents” to her Instagram. Within the photo is what appears to be a couple of bottles of soaps or lotions and then toilet paper featuring the face of Putin ply-by-ply.

Veronika Khomyn bathroom

Veronika is from Ukraine and has been outspoken in her defiance towards Putin’s decision for Russia to invade Ukraine. She’s stood strongly behind her native country, often using social media as a way to seek donations and offer support.

In late March, Khomyn captioned a “No War in Ukraine” IG photo by saying in part: “My family is not fleeing Ukraine, because it is their home. Nor should they have to leave their homeland, their parents, brothers and sisters, just to be safe and have a better life.

“This is more than Russia invading our beautiful and independent Ukraine. This is a look into our tomorrow, into the world our children will grow up in, and the future of democracy.”

McVay and Khomyn were engaged in 2019 and will reportedly wed this summer.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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