Virginia Lax Player Sends Opponent’s Helmet Flying With Huge Slobberknocker Hit In Glorious Throwback Threads

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Third-ranked Virginia lacrosse moved to 9-3 with a four-goal win over No. 13 Syracuse on Saturday and did so while turning back the clock. As one of the most historic programs in the sport, there is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from the past.

That history was on full display as the Hoos hosted the Orange while wearing some slick throwback kits.

They’re simple, clean and classic.

Even head coach Lars Tiffany went with an old-school look on the sideline. It was awesome.

Once the game got underway, as did the action.

Virginia jumped out to an early lead and never gave it up. The highlight of the first half, though, came at midfield.

Carter Rice, one of Syracuse’s short stick defensive midfielders, corralled the ball in the open field and was hung out to dry. Cavaliers midfielder Ricky Miezan turned on his jets, got downfield and delivered a vicious blow to the opposing middie.

Rice’s helmet went flying as he crumbled to the grass below.

Here’s another look at the slobberknocker hit:

Miezan was like a freight train coming down the tracks and Rice could not get out of his way.

The hit, which was completely legal, set the tone for the game that Virginia controlled from start to finish. Rice is surely feeling that one on Sunday morning.

Although the Hoos never allowed the Orange to get back into the game, the highlight of the second half came from the losing side. Graduate attack Alex Simmons scored what might be the best goal of the year with one hand, behind his back.

It was too little too late. Virginia went on to win by seven goals and the outline of Rice’s limp body is probably still indented in the grass. He got licked!

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