Viral Beer Chugging U.S. Open Fan Hopes To Keep The Tradition Going Next Year

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The internet has more than delivered on making the viral beer-chugging U.S. Open fan a social media star. Megan Lucky has gone from just over 25,000 Instagram followers to more than 73,000 in just a few days.

Now she’s doing interviews with the NY Post. Megan said of her most recent viral moment that it wasn’t planned. It just so happened that a camera operator at this year’s tournament noticed that was back at the event and she took full advantage of her opportunity.

Megan told The Post, “I was like, if it happens again, I would love to have another moment, to have the crowd go wild one more time.”

She then said that she noticed a couple of camera operators locking eyes with her and getting on their walkie-talkies. When the cameras found her later on in the night she repeated her performance from the year before.

“Sure enough, later on the cameras found me. I seized the moment and chugged the beer,” she said.

As Is Tradition!

While admitting that she enjoyed being on the Jumbotron and performing for the crowd, Megan says she never planned any of it. The first year she said she was a little tipsy and felt like she had to do something when the cameras were on her.

“I was a little tipsy and I had a little liquid courage in me. It was definitely spur of the moment,” Lucky admitted, adding that when she saw her face on the Jumbotron, she felt like she had “to do something.”

This year Megan’s viral moment just happened without any planning as well. So what about next year? Next year, the 26-year-old New Yorker plans on making a return. At this point, it’s tradition and one she plans on keeping going.

You know what that means. Expect brand deals and the whole social media influencer experience to hijack the moment next year.

That might take away from the moment a little bit, but it still gives us something to look forward to at next year’s U.S. Open.

Written by Sean Joseph

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