Mannequin of Brazilian Soccer Star Vinicius Jr. Hanged From Bridge In Gross Act

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An effigy of Brazilian soccer star Vinicius Jr. was hung by rope on a bridge in Madrid to display gross vitriol toward the player, ahead of a match between Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid Thursday night.

The mannequin was wearing Vini Jr.’s jersey and above the display was a red banner that read, “Madrid Hates Real.”

La Liga, the Spanish football division overseeing both teams, released a statement condemning the vicious act against Vini Jr.

La Liga’s statement read:

Club Atletico de Madrid communicates that such acts are absolutely repugnant and inadmissible and shame society. Our condemnation of any act that attacks the dignity of persons or institutions is categorical and unreserved. The rivalry between the two clubs is the greatest, but so is respect. No individual, whatever their intentions or colors, can tarnish the coexistence between different supporters.

It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid this. We do not know the perpetrator or perpetrators of this despicable act, but their anonymity does not avoid their responsibility. We hope that the authorities succeed in clarifying what happened and that justice helps to banish this type of behavior.

The shocking display is also being investigated as a hate crime, given Vini Jr.’s history of being the target of racially-focused attacks.

Additional reporting by TMZ Sports details that Athletico fans are believed to be behind the mannequin, but there is no conclusion.

Real has come out to oppose any association with the effigy and firmly condemned the gross act.

“We express our firmest condemnation of events that violate the fundamental rights and dignity of people, and that have nothing to do with the values ​​that football and sport represent.

“These attacks like the ones our player now suffers, or those that any athlete can suffer, cannot have a place in a society like ours.”

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