Vince McMahon, Like So Many Others, Thought Bob Costas Deserved To Get ‘The Sh*t Beat Out Of Him’

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Aside from a net worth of around $2 billion, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon isn’t all that different from you and me. See, like the rest of us, McMahon has thought about beating the shit out of Bob Costas. The only thing that held him back from going all WWE on the sportscaster on one particular occasion was Costas’ small stature.

“I wish he wasn’t 5-feet high and 140 pounds. If he was 6-5 and 295, he would deserve to get the shit beat out of him,” said McMahon via a transcript in the New York Post from Jim Miller’s book Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers.

McMahon was referencing a time in 2001 when he appeared as a guest on Costas’ HBO show. Throughout the interview Costas continually pushed McMahon’s buttons. Costas poked and prodded McMahon with subtle insults about the XFL and WWE, no doubt feeling safe behind the protection of cameras and a television audience.

“Once we were doing the interview, he kept interrupting me and interrupting me, and bringing up topics that had nothing to do with what we were supposed to be talking about,” McMahon said, per The New York Post’s transcript. “He kept trying to do the ‘I gotcha’ kind of thing. It was clear he didn’t want to hear any of my answers.”

Then McMahon said what anyone who’s sat through one of Costas’ painful pregame monologues has been thinking for years: “The other problem was that Bob is so freaking pompous. The entire time, he acted like he was above me.”

Fortunately for pompous Bob, McMahon chose to keep his guns in their holsters, though viewers and HBO probably wouldn’t have shied away from a gun show.

“I could have really given them some great television,” McMahon joked.

Twenty years after their would-be viral moment, two things remain unchanged: McMahon is still rich as hell and Bob still puts the ass in Cost-ass.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Bob Costas IS a pompous little fuck. I wish someone had kicked his little sissy boy ass years ago. God, I detest that woke fucking jerkoff. Never could understand why he was held in such esteem.
    Love the analogy to Katie Couric.

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