Video Shows Packers Fan Smack Against Concrete Steps After Getting Tossed By Bears Fan

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Ever wondered what it’s like to fall out of your row as you look down from the heights of a stadium’s upper deck?

One unlucky big boy sporting Green Bay merchandise went for a wild tumble down concrete steps at Soldier Field after getting tossed by a Bears fan.

The fight appeared to go down at the Eagles-Bears matchup during Week 15, despite initial reports that it occurred on Dec. 4 when the Packers traveled to Chicago.

The two got in a spat along the stairs. Once the Bears fan cliched the GB fan, and in the optimal position for a pantsing, he threw the Packers fan down well past 10 rows.


Flying down the stairs with two cheeks out, flashing mad gut, the rotund Green Bay fan somehow managed to still get up despite smacking the concrete with earth-splitting force.

His Bears scarf and Eagles beanie (yes, a Packers fan wore that) didn’t help break the fall. And to be honest, the guy was asking for it.

There were multiple angles, too. One with a clear view of his full mooning.

Legs flailed; people gasped; and the booming fall made for one of the best stadium fights as the regular season dies down.

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  1. 1. Stop wearing team gear to games in which said team is not playing. You look retarded.

    2. Chuck these assaulters in prison for a full year. I’m sick of seeing these stories. These sacks of human debris do things like this and barely face any consequences.

    • Agree with point 1. On point 2, it’s hard to say who started it, if some drunk bozo starts yelling at another fan and their family, then that party should be able to put the disruptive bozo in their place without a years worth of time behind bars. It all does start when people have had a few too many.

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