Video: New Jersey Gym Owner Continues Fight Against Lockdown Orders

The fight for small businesses continues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ian Smith, owner of Atilis Gym in New Jersey, has not let up in his defiance of Gov. Phil Murphy’s lockdown orders.

Despite constant fines from the state of New Jersey, Smith has left the doors to his gym open.

On Saturday morning, David Reaboi tweeted out a video showing Smith refusing to back down. Needless to say, it was pretty epic 48 seconds. Check it out below.

Smith also recently joined Fox News to discuss how Gov. Murphy has been going after his livelihood for defying his orders.

“Governor Murphy has thrown everything he possibly could to shut us down,” Smith told Fox News. “He has arrested my partner and I, given us over 60 citations, some of them criminal. He fines us $15,497.76 per day for every day we’re in operation. Our fines are totaling over $1.2 million, but every single day, Frank and I open our gym.”

This is a man trying to survive, and survival exists beyond the concept of life and death. Fighting for your livelihood is something every American has the right to do, and we commend Smith for his perseverance.

It’s unfortunate that Smith is evening having to go to these lengths in the first place, however. He built Atilis Gym from his own blood, sweat and tears. And now the government is trying to tell him how to run it.


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Written by Clint Lamb

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    • There was a study out of Europe recently that showed the COVID infection rate from gyms was significantly lower…probably because doing some manual labor helps mental health and the immune system.

      And you can’t wear masks in a gym…you are breathing heavier from lifting.

      I give props to the gym owner…at least when you lift it boost your T levels that you’ll fight for what you worked to build. Even in the state I’m in where the draconian coronabro orders aren’t as strict the owners of the gym get that people need it for as much mental health as physical.

  1. This is how it is supposed to be in America. Your human and civil rights don’t get suspended because a politician is “trying to keep you safe”. Nefarious depraved thin skinned politicians have learned exactly how easy it is to control Americans.

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