VIDEO: Marlon Humphrey Talks Eating Liver After Speaking To Liver King

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Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey is giving more details about his (now old) habit of snacking on liver, a la Liver King.

Liver King — whose real name is Brian Johnson — has been the talk of the internet for a few weeks after the revelation that everyone saw coming: his chiseled physique had more to do with steroids than chowing down on liver.

Still, lots of people followed his advice, including, as it turns out, Humphrey.

“I hit up Liver King when I got hurt, y’know trying to get the muscle going,” Humphrey told reporters this week.

“I don’t assume someone’s on steroids unless they say they’re on steroids,” he explained. That’s not a bad policy. it’s sort of the fitness world’s version of not assuming a woman is pregnant.

Humphrey said he hit up the social media star this offseason and asked him what he needed to do. Liver King’s not-at-all-surprising answer was that the Ravens cornerback should eat liver.

So he did, and he says it was nasty.

“I went and got some raw liver… and I’m not gonna lie, it tasted gross,” Humphrey said while dressed wearing a towel that resembled an Egyptian Pharoah’s hat. “I just kind of tried to take some, chug it with water.”

The result?

“Obviously I don’t look completely jacked, so maybe it did not work, but we had some great conversations. He’s very woke, I guess.”

A guy who goes on a crazy diet and then lies about it for social media fame is woke?!

Yeah, I guess that checks out.

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey gave more indight into how he talked to Liver King and took his dieting advice.
Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey said he took up eating liver to help him build muscle after an injury. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

Humphrey Was Surprised And Disappointed By Liver King’s Steroid Use

Still, Humphrey said he was caught off guard by Liver King’s steroid use.

“I was a little surprised at his accusations of steroid use since I was eating raw liver because of this guy,” he said, which drew a laugh from reporters.

He then added that liver is good for a healthy diet, although he recommended cooking it first.

“I went a little extreme; I wanted to be Liver King,” he admitted.

Finally, Humphrey talked about the differences between raw and cooked liver.

“Raw is just tough, I don’t even know how to describe that, I just tried to swallow it up,” he said. “Cooked I tried to chew but then it just gets pastey, like… there’s no way to describe it’s like nothing I’ve ever had.”

Humphrey said he doesn’t recommend going this route unless more details come out about the benefits of housing liver.

At least he tested the liver waters and reported back to the rest of us. Props to Marlon Humphrey for his sense of humor.

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