Video Game Company Defends Reviewing Maybe Transphobic, Maybe Unethical Harry Potter Video Game

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The video gaming website IGN has justified reviewing the forthcoming “Hogwarts Legacy,” a game based on the “Harry Potter” novels.

IGN cites hurt feelings over franchise creator JK Rowling’s past comments about transgender persons.

The site says while it would still review the game, it wonders aloud if playing the game is even “ethical.”

The following disclaimer appears in the review of the game:

We haven’t seen a statement so cowardly since Jon Stewart apologized for being white.

Imagine feeling the need to include a disclaimer on the review to explain why you, a site that reviews video games, chose to review a video game — the most anticipated since “GTA 5,” we might add.

The desire to accommodate the unhinged is at the core of the statement. IGN lends credence to unreasonable critics by acknowledging their purported displeasure.

On Twitter, calls to boycott the “Potter” franchise are notable. Yet few sane beings wake up offended by Rowling’s opinions outside of the app.

Again, as IGN says, Rowling isn’t directly involved in the game. (More on if she’s making money from the product here).

The outrage is a direct response to trans activists generating a fuss. Said vultures have scoured the internet to shame and threaten anyone who supports the Wizardry brand.

They’ve been doing so for months.

A Fireable Offense

Recently, the gaming company Limited Run Games (LRG) fired a woman amid a pressure campaign from a separate activist.

Former community manager Kara Lynne acknowledged her excitement for “Hogwarts Legacy” online last month. That prompted Jessica Blank to demand LRG dismiss her. Blank dug up old tweets and accused Lynne of following “transphobes” online.

It turned out, Lynne merely followed conservative-leaning users, such as Libs of TikTok and actress Gina Carano.

Still, LRG fired her for her “Harry Potter” fandom. Blank and her trans activism prevailed.

Notice IGN feels no need to justify reviewing the plethora of games that expose children to sexually-explicit content. Critics have no issue with that genre.

Rather, the Wizarding World universe is where they draw the line. An author sharing opinions that represent the wrong half of the country is where tolerance fades.

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  1. Gaming urinalism is even worse than its political counterpart. At least the latter have a reason for their agenda. The mainstream woke retards that make up IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, PC Gamer etc. are apparently so bored with their industry they feel the need to constantly act as echo chambers for their political MSM counterparts.

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