Video: Ex-ESPN Reporter Marly Rivera Drops C-Bomb On Colleague In Front Of Aaron Judge, Autograph-Seeking Kids

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One day after confirmation that MLB reporter Marly Rivera was no longer with ESPN broke, the video of her dropping a C-bomb on a colleague has been released.

TMZ Sports got their paws on the clip and put it out. It shows the incident occurred on the field before a game while Aaron Judge was signing autographs.

(Just a heads up; the clip contains some NSFW language… obviously.)

The Video Shows Rivera’s C-Bombing Very Clearly

You can see Rivera jawing with reporter Ivón Gaete — who is the wife of MLB vice president of communications, John Blundell — right in front of fans trying to take photos and get autographs from Judge.

Rivera speaks in both Spanish and English during the “heated discussion.” My high school level Español is no bueno, so I have no clue what she said.

At least not until, she dropped the ol’ C-bomb. That part I understood. So did Gaete because she looked quite taken aback.

You can hear it as clear as a bell in the video. It wasn’t a kindly British C-bomb either. Like the kind you’d hear bandied about in a pub between mates.

That was an American C-bomb-dropping with some teeth.

I was under the impression that this incident happened somewhere in the bowels of Yankee Stadium. Not out on the field in front of autograph-seeking youngsters.

“I fully accept responsibility for what I said, which I should not have,” she said in a statement to The New York Post after the incident but before the video was released.

“There were extenuating circumstances but that in no way is an excuse for my actions. I am a professional with a sterling reputation across baseball and I do believe that I am being singled out by a group of individuals with whom I have a long history of professional disagreements.”

ESPN — which is also in the midst of layoffs — released a statement to The Post as well that simply said, “She no longer works here.”

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