Video: DoorDash Driver Cursed Woman Out For Leaving 25% Tip

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A Texas woman posted a video on TikTok showing a DoorDash driver cursing at her for leaving him a $5 tip.

“I just want to say, it’s a nice house for a $5 tip,” the man shouted.

“You’re welcome,” the woman responded in confusion.

“F–k you,” the driver spat back.

Context: the pizza was $20. The woman tipped him 25%, 5% higher than the national tip average.

Here’s the clip:

Regardless of the house, and it looks quite nice, $5 was fair.

The pizza boy’s response embodies the entitled nature of today’s food service employees. Perhaps the generous tipping habits during the pandemic spoiled them. Or they just grew up coddled.

Tipping has gotten out of hand.

DoorDash Driver Is Part Of Growing Trend

You go to a Starbucks now and the credit card machine asks you if you want to leave a 15%, 20%, 25%, or custom tip.

A tip for pouring a cup of coffee, huh?

Since when did Subway workers deserve a tip for putting together a sandwich?

What about the cashier at Target? They now expect you to tip them for ringing up a product?

Do I deserve a tip for providing the internet with the truth?

(Well, the last question could be answered with a yes. But you get the point. )

OutKick provided a general rule for tippers last summer:

If you spend less than a few minutes dealing with a worker, don’t tip. Tip them if they serve you.

We did, of course, make an exception for drivers — an exception the woman followed with a 25% tip.

The woman says she has since tried to rescind the five bucks she tipped the man, an option that DoorDash prohibits.

“I tried [to remove the tip after] but the App wouldn’t let me delete it. He needed it anyhow, hope he uses it wisely.”

Thus, the pizza boy keeps the $5. Though the virality of the video could cost him his job. DoorDash has yet to address the incident, despite various requests for comment.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I’ve never used any of these food delivery services but this one is actually pretty simple… How far is the drive? It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering from a fancy boi restaurant or ordering fast food. Main factors here are distance and time. Standard 20% is good for dine-in restaurants and bars.

    On face value, this guy is a dick. If it was a reasonable distance/time (5 miles / 15 minutes) then $5 is good. If it took 25 minutes each way and 3 gallons of gas, then $5 is insufficient. However, I figure the app factors that in and restaurants only deliver within a certain radius? Need additional details to make a judgement.

    • Tipping has nothing to do with how far this clown had to drive to deliver a pizza. A $5 tip on a $20 pizza is pretty solid. If it cost him more money to deliver the pizza than he made in the tip, that’s on him. He could have declined the delivery.

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