Video: Deion Sanders Emotional at Jackson State Introduction

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Deion Sanders was introduced as new head coach of the Jackson State football team on Monday, and he got emotional in a lengthy monologue.

“I believe that God led me here and not Man,” Sanders said. “I believe the men that I sat and looked at in the eyes on a Zoom call yesterday can win SWAC championships … I believe that our commitment to excellence can continue. I believe that our student enrollment can increase. I believe that the crime in this community can cease. I believe that these young men that we’re raising will be pillars in the community, not only professional football players but professionals.”

“I believe the coaching staff that we assembled that has a cumulative 84 years of professional playing and coaching can teach, reach, educate, inform, and can lead these kids to excellence. I’m foolish enough to believe. Do you believe?”

He continued that he believes they can fill a 60,000-person stadium that has been drawing about half capacity. He believes they can recruit players with Power-Five potential.

“I believe that our coaching staff is going to go into every hood, every barber shop, every soul food joint, every nook and cranny, every grandmother’s house to recruit these dogs, because we have 99 players that have been drafted into the NFL. But I believe under my watch we’re going to have 100.”

It continues on like that, but by now you get the point. This was a sermon delivered from the pulpit of a football coach. If he wins and succeeds in preparing players for the NFL and other professional careers, he should of course be applauded for all of it.

However this goes, it’s not going to be boring. The coaches in Mississippi right now: Deion Sanders, Mike Leach, and Lane Kiffin. What a trio for the content.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Starts with a racial comment “My people.” Repeated it twice just to make sure it’s understood. White folks ain’t his people. I watched it because I like Deon and was curious on how he would address his team as their new coach. Didn’t take long to be turned off.

    It never ends.

  2. Full time Football Coaching is Hard. Really time consuming. Frustrating. Monotonous. And often exhausting.

    And Deon’s plan is to do this job at Jackson State?

    No fancy exciting stuff. Just coaching 80-100 young fellas and a dozen coaches and staff. At Jackson State?

    Why? Because 50 year after MLK, folks like Deon want to go back to Separate But Equal, which is impossible.

    Assimilation is a natural human phenomenon, but it only happens when a Diverse Ethic and Racial Group are in a group.

    Not Separate.

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