Victor Wembanyama Is A Freak, Hammers Putback Dunk Off His Own Three-Point Miss In One Fluid Motion

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Victor Wembanyama is going to be the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. It’s a matter of which team will draw the first overall position, not a matter of who that team is going to draft.

Wembanyama is a unicorn. Basketball has largely evolved into a positionless game, and the 19-year-old French superstar is the perfect fit for any system in the league.

At 7-foot-4, calling him a “big” would be an insult to his raw athleticism. Calling him a “guard” would be an insult to his ability to play in the paint. He doesn’t fit any mold of any player, ever.

There is a lot of hype around Wembanyama and the only question is whether his game will translate to the NBA. It’s almost impossible to imagine a reality where that isn’t the case, but the talent level between the highest level of basketball in the U.S. and the highest level of basketball in France is not the same.

That was made abundantly clear Sunday afternoon as Wembanyama’s freak of natureness was on full display. He did something that I, personally, have never seen before.

Victor Wembanyama dunked his own rebound.

Wembanyama got the ball at the top of the key during the first quarter of Metropolitans 92’s game against AS Monaco. The defender was playing him tight, so he crossed him up, planted his right foot and pulled up on the step-back jumper from just beyond the arc.

Wembanyama missed. He knew it was off the mark as soon as he let it go.

In response to the off-target 3-point shot, Wembanyama immediately hustled toward the hoop to bring down the board. Not only did he gather his own miss, he proceeded to catch the rebound while in mid-air and slammed home the put-back dunk in the same motion!!!!!

Here’s another look. Watch how he takes only FOUR steps, total, and take off from the middle of the paint.

I’ve seen a player grab his own rebound off of a miss. I’ve seen a player crash the boards, secure his own rebound and go right up for a quick two. I have NEVER seen a player dunk his own miss in one fluid motion like Wembanyama on Sunday. That’s downright insane!

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