POV Video Of Projected No. 1 NBA Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama Hooping Provides Crazy Perspective On Being 7-Foot-4

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When the NBA Draft takes place over the summer, Victor Wembanyama is projected to go No. 1 overall. In fact, if the 19-year-old is not drafted first, it would be a huge shock.

Wembanyama, born and raised in France, is considered one of the greatest prospects of this generation. He stands 7-foot-4, and can “palm” a basketball with just two fingers, which is downright ridiculous.

Size isn’t everything though. If Wembanyama is big, but can’t hoop, what good is he?

That is the case for a lot of big men overseas. Their game doesn’t translate to the NBA because they don’t know how to use their size in a way that benefits their game.

That is not the case for Wembanyama. Nobody with his frame has ever moved so fluidly.

In a lot of ways, Wembanyama defies logic.

Despite his unmatched size, he is ridiculously athletic and moves like a point guard when bringing the ball up the court. Wembanyama has insane handles for a seven-footer and already has a floating three-point shot in his arsenal.

After beginning his professional career in 2019, just four years ago, Wembanyama has already made two LNB Pro A All-Star games and led his team, Metropolitans 92, to a league championship last season. He is a talent unlike the NBA has ever seen and will be a fun to watch hoop in the States.

While watching Wembanyama play from a third-person perspective is one thing, watching him play from his perspective is another. It brings a whole different look to the game and how he sees the court.


Here is the game of basketball from Victor Wembanyama’s point of view:

To play professional basketball is not easy, but Wembanyama’s size and quick feet almost make it seem that way. He barely even has to jump to dunk and can keep the ball (what seems like a mile away) from defenders by just extending his arm.

Wembanyama is likely going to end up on the Rockets, Hornets, Pistons, Spurs, Magic, or Wizards. Whichever team fails its way into the top pick is going to get a franchise-changing player before his 20th birthday.

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