Victim’s Family Reacts To Britt Reid Plea Deal

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Britt Reid, son of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, is facing jail time for a 2021 DUI crash. However, family members of one of the crash victims are not happy that prosecutors have cut a plea deal with Reid that doesn’t push for a maximum sentence.

Reid faces felony charges for the crash in Jackson County, Missouri that that injured him and five others. One of the victims was a 5-year-old girl who suffered significant brain injuries.

Prosecutors put together a plea deal that is seeking no more than 4 years in prison. Reid was facing as many as 7 years behind bars. Victims’ families were unhappy with prosecutors’ reluctance to seek a more severe sentence.

Attorney Tom Pardo released a statement detailing the families’ frustrations.

“The five victims of this crime are outraged,” he said. “The prosecuting attorney is not seeking the maximum sentence allowable by law. The defendant is a prior offender whose actions caused a 5-year-old to be in a coma and seriously injured three others.”

Reid’s DUI incident occured as the Chiefs were gearing up to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV. As a result of the incident, Reid was not on the sidelines for the game. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Reid Will Be Sentenced In October

However, according to attorneys like Kansas City defense attorney Chris Scott, Reid’s plea deal isn’t unusual.

“The people that write the law say seven years is the maximum, so this is about what you’d expect,” Scott said. “The prosecution knows facts of the case that the public doesn’t, so if prosecutors feel that four years is fair then I would say it is fair.”

Scott said that the victims’ families will get the chance to speak at Reid’s sentencing in October. However, he expects the judge to go with the prosecution’s recommendations.

Reid was found to have a BAC over the legal limit when the crash happened. He hit the two cars that were parked along the on-ramp for Interstate 435 at around 84 miles per hour.

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