Family Of Girl Hospitalized In Britt Reid Crash Offers Update

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The 5-year-old girl injured in a car accident caused by former Kansas City coach Britt Reid is “getting a little better each day,” according to a GoFundMe update.

Ariel Young was hospitalized with life-threating injuries on Feb. 4 after Reid’s pickup truck reportedly slammed into two cars parked on the side of an interstate near the Chiefs’ practice facility. Reid, the son of Chiefs coach Andy Reid, reportedly told police officers he’d had two or three drinks before getting behind the wheel.

Young’s family intends to press charges against Britt Reid. The latest GoFundMe update was the first one provided in 11 days. She woke up from a coma on Feb. 15.

“Ariel remains in the hospital, she is getting a little better each day but she still has a long road to recovery,” the post read. “Britt Reid is out everyday living his normal life while she cannot, please don’t let her story be forgotten. Court will take a long time and we don’t know what will be the outcome of it all. So please keep sharing her story and praying for her and the family. Thank you.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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    • so Andy Reid is supposed to stop working to help his 36 year old son make better life decisions?

      Dude had a few drinks and popped a few addys and fucked up real bad. That is not good. That is also not Andy Reid’s fault. God damn weirdos always trying to blame someone else when someone fucks up. Plenty of people suffer from addiction and make poor choices in this country and their parents aren’t to blame. Just because Andy is a successful American that leads a drug fee and alcohol free life and works many hours for his life passion doesn’t make him a bad or unavailable parent. That assumption is just absurd.

      This story is about a 5 year old and Britt Reid. This story is not about Andy Reid.

  1. Dragon I’m with you on many of your points. One son died of an heroine overdose and the other, not sure how, got a job working with despite a criminal record.
    My point is he never ever stopped working.

    • so you shouldn’t be able to get a job if you make mistakes when you are young?

      Wow Eric, I feel bad for that little boy on your shoulders he’s going to have some lofty expectations in life, sure hope he doesn’t let you down!

      Of course, if he does, you’re a real piece of shit scumbag parent and you should have been there for your kids, you hard working piece of shit loser

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