Vicky Palacio Crushes Birthday Cake, Gronk Tears Up Tucson & A Huge Brawl At Miami International

There’s nothing so satisfying as installing a new ceiling fan after battling the old one for a couple of years

There’s a good chance one of you normal guys has something going on in your house that needs a simple fix, but you’re a guy and you’re going to keep battling and not give in. I was in this position with a remote-controlled ceiling fan that worked via a weird combination of remote control button pushes that would finally cause the light to switch on after five minutes of screwing around with the damn remote.

But, since I’m a guy, it didn’t bother me that much. It was a challenge to see if I could get it to work before my wife. The fan finally gave out back in March, and the game was finally over. No more family meals in the dark. The old boy came down and the new Hunter fan from Menards went up Sunday morning. Should it have been replaced back in March or earlier? Women will say ‘YES,’ while us guys know that’s not how we’re programmed. In fact, never trust a guy who is on top of the to-do list his wife has for him. He’s a complete fraud, and she should be super suspicious.

Anyway, the grand illumination was amazing. My days of fighting that damn remote are over. I don’t have to hear my wife remind me she can’t get the ceiling fan light to work. I don’t have to hear the kids say they can’t see their Play-Doh creations come to life. I can finally see the meat I’m about to inhale after a grill session. Life is better again. The kitchen ceiling fan has been replaced and all is well again in the Kinsey household.

• Boy, Cleveland/the NFL blew the budget on their musical performers during Thursday’s Draft festivities. Somehow event organizers were able to snag Kings of Leon to perform. Talk about a huge get. The Black Keys weren’t available?

• Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Penei Sewell will not be in Cleveland to get their hugs from vaxxed up Roger Goodell. Zack Wilson, Mac Jones and Trey Lance will be in Cleveland to hug it out with the commish. Others scheduled to attend include: Christian Barmore of Alabama, Gregory Rousseau of Miami, Ja’Marr Chase of LSU, Rashawn Slater of Northwestern, Caleb Farley of Virginia Tech, Devonta Smith of Alabama, Patrick Surtain II of Alabama, Jaylen Waddle of Alabama, Micah Parsons of Penn State and Kyle Pitts of Florida.

• Ever had beers with your neighbor while he’s operating a garage sale? I did Saturday and didn’t want to be a complete idiot as people walked up so I shoved my Busch Light can in a pair of kids rain boots he was selling. Yep, the lady walking up and her daughter grabbed them to look, but not before my neighbor snagged the beer can out of the boots. That story would’ve ended up on the city Facebook page for sure.

• Nothing brings out the neighbors like garage sale beers. One thing led to another and we’re all having a chat session on a Saturday morning. Mike down the street even led a group of us through a Q&A on the new backyard stream he constructed with fieldstone boulders that another Mike across the street wanted out of his yard. Suburbia 101, folks.

• Did you buy the Bitcoin dip? It’s back up 8% and you won’t be hearing any bitching and moaning from that community today as the crypto coin nerds flip their coins for suburban houses.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. The footage from MIA provided a perfect opportunity to call in one of those newly formed re-imagined public safety protocol response consortiums. “Due to high call volume, your anticipated wait time will 48 minutes…”

  2. Jesus Chuck, WTF does Biden have to do with you drinking a beer in front of a TV watching the Oscars? Is this some vaccine nonsense, because it’s my recollected that OWS was, more than anything, an American initiative, but if you’re going to give credit to the chief executive, it was Trump in charge at the time.

    That pic of the old couple staring down that ‘za… My stomach still hurts from laughing…

  3. Those people in MIA were just “peacefully” waiting for their flight to arrive, or they were just hungry, can’t wait for Lebron to tweet out the picture of the security guard that arrived 10 minutes later and say You’re Next!

  4. So I guess Eldrick’s 3rd DUI is all forgotten now? How nice to see him with his happy posts. I guess until he kills someone with his drug-fueled recklessness, he can do anything. Hell, Nike and the Sports Media might even give him a pass even then!

    His dog looks cool. I hope he never drives with it in the car.

  5. Oh look…Chuckie is just like us…well except for watching the Oscars and thanking Obama’s puppet with dementia for getting him a beer out of the fridge.

  6. “Yes, yes, yes! Our Antibes Bikini is finally back in stock, in all sizes”…. Geez, I hope this only comes in hot babe size… I hope that Elizabeth isn’t selling these to mastodons…

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