Veronica Bielik Seems To Be Enjoying Dubai

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Veronica Bielik continues to absolutely crush the content game online.

Kliff Kingsbury’s girlfriend is known for pumping out content like it’s going out of style, and while he might be looking for a new coaching job (or perhaps not), she’s busy lighting up social media.

Recently, Bielik shared a look at her time in Spain, and now, she seemed to really enjoy her time in Dubai.

Veronica Bielik is known for content benders.

Kliff Kingsbury might be down after getting fired by the Cardinals, but that’s life as a coach. It’s the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

The good news is the Cardinals still owe him years of millions of dollars. He might return to coaching or he might not in the near future. That remains to be seen. There’s plenty of speculation swirling.

Will Kliff Kingsbury return to coaching? His girlfriend Veronica Bielik continues to go on content benders. Bielik is incredibly popular on Instagram, and sports a massive following. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

What there’s absolutely no speculation about is whether or not Veronica Bielik is a star. She’s made a huge name for herself in the Instagram game.

Clearly, Kingsbury getting fired didn’t do anything to dampen her mood. She’s out here winning on her own, and nothing is going to slow that down.

Hell, maybe Kingsbury is okay just chilling for the foreseeable future with Veronica Bielik at his side. Remember, he bought a one way ticket to Thailand after getting fired.

Clearly, he’s okay just soaking up a little R&R and who could blame him? He might not have won the field, but with Bielik as his girlfriend, it’s hard to argue he’s not winning off it.

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