Verizon Joining The Ranks Of Calling White People The Problem

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Critical race theory has graduated from American op-ed buzzword to a key talking point within international affairs. From China’s condemnation of the U.S.’ racial injustices using a Black Lives Matter script, to General Mark Milley labeling Trump supporters, namely White people, as a key concern for the nation’s defenses.

Militant liberal activism continues to build, and doing most of its work behind the scenes.

Christopher F. Rufo at City Journal released a scoop stemming from a Verizon training program — which subjected employees to re-education on the evils of America, and how to properly address differences between Black and White folks.

Also nailing home topics like Marxism, abolishing the police, and bringing the grandson of a former Nation of Islam leader as a featured speaker, Verizon’s shifted focus from seeing people as customers, to potential moral threats, adds to the lunacy of companies believing this approach is a long-term option.

“Last year, Verizon launched a ‘Race & Social Justice’ initiative and created an extensive race reeducation program based on the core tenets of critical race theory, including ‘systemic racism,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘intersectionality,'” said Rufo, also addressing a trainee’s claim that Marxist ideologies are “just fact.” The training video also called capitalism the root of systemic injustices.

Rufo tweeted a thread of the damning reports exposing Verizon’s radical messaging.

The mobile service provider currently claims 29.1% of the national audience.

An increasing amount of woke companies have elevated their activism by holding customers and workers hostage according to these trending ideologies. As calls for social equity increase within media, support on the ground for groups like BLM continue to slip.

In 2020 alone, support for BLM dropped over 12 percent after a summer of riots were fomented by the movement. On the other hand, the organization saw its biggest paycheck in the record year.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Sold my VZ postion today good stock but I can’t be a part of this thing defund the police as well very radical position for a major company to take. I’M of the Michael Jordan mindset Republicans buy sneakers too that’s a savvy business man

    • Exactly. Make billions yet want to push Marxism on the masses. Just like a commie bastard. The Chinese government, through the auspices of private subsidiary businesses, is the biggest corporation in the world. The people who live there and aren’t ass kissing red blooded CCP party members get shit on every day, enslaved, starved, etc. For more examples see: Cuba; Venezuela; North Korea; USSR; East Germany; Poland; former Czechoslovakia; Bulgaria; Romania; etc, etc. Hey Marxism is awesome though. These dumb asses don’t even know what they are doing. China is the serpent in the Garden of Eden and these money grubbing, fake woke, followers went straight to the serpent and took the poisonous fruit, $$$$$$$$. Those fake wokesters will be the first to beg for help when shit goes south.

  2. Two things; what do these corporations get out of requiring these training sessions. Are they just trying to keep the BLM wolves at bay? And two, why the hell do the employees not complain to HR that these trainings are biased and racist and therefore opt out? I would freak if they told me I had to attend or I could lose my job. I would file a lawsuit.
    Additionally, if white people continue to be relegated to secondary status and black and brown people are in charge of everything, the USA will regress to a third world nation, no doubt.

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