Vegas Store Owner Stabs A Robber Like He’s Gutting A Fish

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A robber in Las Vegas learned the hard way that playing stupid games can change your life for the worst.

Multiple juveniles attempted to rob Smokestrom Smoke Shop last week, and one of them got lit up by the owner after he jumped the counter.

Store owner stabs robber. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

The masked robber jumped the counter during the crime, and that’s when the owner Johnny Nguyen sprung into action to protect himself. He grabbed a knife and started stabbing the robber like he was gutting a fish. After stabbing him, he dragged him around to the front of the store!

Watch the insane situation unfold below.

KLAS reported that three juveniles were arrested in connection with the robbery and the one who was stabbed is in the hospital in an unknown condition.

Shockingly, trying to rob a place is really bad for your health when people decide to fight back.

Store owner stabs robber in Las Vegas. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

This is just the latest example that threatening and attempting to harm other people might result in you getting lit up.

That robber got stabbed like it was going out of style, and as Nguyen pointed out, he had to assume the bad guys had a gun.

At that point, you have to act quickly.

Man attempting a robbery in Las Vegas gets stabbed. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

First, we had the store owner in California who blasted a robber and now we have another store owner in Vegas defending his business and life.

Eventually, criminals are going to learn that playing stupid games results in winning very stupid prizes!

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