Vanderbilt’s Jerry Stackhouse Blames Trump Supporters For Criticism In Basketball

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Jerry Stackhouse is the men’s basketball coach at Vanderbilt, and so far, not a very good one. But hey, don’t try to blame Stackhouse.

Instead, blame Donald Trump supporters. At least, that’s what Stackhouse appears to imply in a long-winded piece (filled with mostly hot air) from The Athletic.

Stackhouse, 46, was an excellent player at North Carolina and pretty darn good pro. But his playing success has not translated to coaching — as Vanderbilt is just 16-31 in his first two seasons, and a pathetic 4-23 in the SEC.

Now, Stackhouse deserves more of chance to fail. A coach can’t be judged in a season-and-a-half. What’s annoying here isn’t the lousy win-loss record, it’s how Stackhouse tries to sound so defiant about it.

For starters, Stackhouse called out veteran college basketball insider Jeff Goodman, formerly of ESPN and now of Stadium. Along with Goodman, he called out fans who are angry that Vanderbilt stinks.

“Maybe someone like a Jeff Goodman said something — and I’ve got him blocked, anyway — so now a fan wants me to know what Jeff Goodman says, so he tags me,” Stackhouse said. “Well, now you’re blocked, too. I don’t want to see this on my timeline. I don’t want the noise. Don’t want the hate. Y’all mad your man got fired, man. That’s the real world.”

Stackhouse wasn’t finished.

“New regimes come in and they bring in their people. And change happens,” he said. “And it can happen, especially when you don’t win a game. If I don’t win a game, I don’t know what the hell I’d do. But I couldn’t be mad about nothing. Even in my situation. But that’s what people tried to lose sight of, the reality of where we are.”

Stackhouse wasn’t done shifting the blame. Next up: The “75 million” people who voted for Trump. In other words, Stackhouse seemed to imply, if people are dumb enough to vote for Trump, they’re dumb enough to question his knowledge of basketball. And, oh yeah, if they voted for Trump, they must hate Stackhouse.

“How am I not qualified when I played basketball at the highest level and played under some Hall of Fame coaches?” Stackhouse asked. “I don’t have the acumen to know what I’m looking at? What’s the angst? And it becomes the things we see right in front of us, man.

“All I can say is, 75 million people voted for Trump. That’s all I can say. You ain’t fooling me. I know what it’s about, a lot of you hate everything we did when we came here about the staff, the diversity of the staff, it was this or that. And I like to think I know a little something about building teams and what organizations should look like. I’ve worked and played for some of the best organizations.”

Stackhouse sounds almost like a child here. He is Vanderbilt’s coach. Vanderbilt is bad. Coaches generally take the blame from fans, reporters and administrations when their teams fail. That and that alone is why Vanderbilt supporters are giving Stackhouse grief. If he doesn’t want criticism, the solution is simple: Win some games, man.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Why does anybody think they can turn Vanderbilt into a respectable basketball or football program? They either turn into psychopaths like Mason or Stackhouse, or leave at the first sign of success like Franklin. Shithole school. But hey, they’ve got a top baseball school so they have something, but I’m sure that’s in SPITE of the best efforts of their administration.

    All I can say is, thousands of people root for Vandy. That’s all I can say. A lot of people talk about ‘winning’ but Vandy is diverse on its coaching staff [non-white and majority black.]

  2. Boy 4-23 in a mediocre power conference- give him a participation trophy. If he had an ounce of brains he would realize that often those who can play can’t coach, and those who can coach can’t play. Being a high level player gave him a ticket to the “coaches ball” and that’s all.

    • Agreed. Just because one can play doesn’t mean one can coach. Does Stackhouse understand basketball, sure, does he understand motivating players and chemistry, probably not. Being a good coach is not just about understanding how to play it takes a lot more than that.

  3. Continually calling 75 million citizens (essentially) “depraved monsters and ghouls without morals etc”
    … I don’t know how much longer ppl are going to be lectured to by people who legit hate them.

    Not sure how many tickets will be sold when all this opens back up. They certainly won’t be getting my $$$

    • People often come from a very myopic point of view, especially with the influence of social media/big tech. It’s kinda ironic that the political side with the reputation of being open-minded are the least tolerant and unhinged MF’ers. It’s all binary with these people – as if there aren’t 10’s to 100’s of reasons/issues to vote for a particular candidate. And buddy is out here talking about his timeline.. Like get a grip dude. Focus on winning.

    • Don’t bother trying to understand the lack of logic and reason of the woke brigade. Stackhouse is a horrible coach in a mediocre power basketball conference. Typical virtue signaling, hire the 95% black coaching staff with no concern with actual coaching talent, just so he can show his focus in “diversity”. Then when things go wrong, he let’s blame whitey. I mean the only reason a coach with his record would get criticized or fired is because of racism. Not merit, just racism. So now when Stackhouse gets fired he has set himself up for a MSESPN job and he can join the echo chamber.

  4. Stackhouse is not man enough to take responsibility. So what is his automatic go to….play the race card while calling 75 million people dumb. Sounds like it’s time for a Sarah Fuller motivational speech.

  5. Hey Jerry! If you are a coach you are judged by W and L not your race. Lack of performance over a short time period seems to be the issue. Stop being a victim and focus on being a better coach and recruiter. This is an equal opportunity country but the results are based on your performance not your race. MAGA

  6. It’s obvious Stackhouse is not very bright and has the emotional maturity of a toddler. Man up, son. Take responsibility for the failures of your program and then do something about it if you are capable. Vanderbilt has made a lot of poor decisions lately. They have become a joke. It’s a shame, they used to be a respected school. No more.

  7. Vanderbilt as a university is obsessed with race. Get their alumni magazine, hear any professor or administrator speak, and it is all the same: race, race, race. When they take a break, it is gender, gender, gender…

    What is sad is they alienate people who do not want race or gender to be central in everything they discuss see it as rather off-putting and pathetic, and then the woke people STILL complain that Vandy is merely “compensating.”

    Mason was not fired until his entire team refused to play, so the idea that a black coach at Vanderbilt is on a quicker hot seat compared to a white coach is laughable. Stackhouse never would have been hired to coach Vandy with his resume (a D League head coach) if he did not check Vandy’s precious diversity boxes.

    He admits that fans should be more excited about the diversity of the coaching staff rather than wins. Job performance is racist, obviously. Truly pathetic.

    • Exactly. Meritocracy does not matter anymore, just checking a box so the virtue signaling Olympics can be rewarded. Interesting that liberals call Trump supporters, GOP’ers and civil libertarians racists yet all the woke brigade focuses on is race, race and more race. It is mind numbing.

  8. 3/4 of what he said made no sense. If he instructs his players like that no wonder they suck. No one cares about your skin color, pro carrer or who you played for. Get off social media, stop playing the blame game and coach dude.

  9. When is this going to end?? Democrats won’t stop until every conversation in America is about skin color. Every ad. Every movie. Every classroom. Aren’t they exhausted by all the hate? I get that it wins elections, but at some point won’t they have to deliver on actual policy with actual impact?? Or is enough to just deliver hate?

    • Many black people live in a paranoid delusion that white people or “racists” are to blame for any misfortune in their life. It’s a mass hysteria that’s fed by Democrats for political gain….the question is when will black people snap out of this hysteria and that’s when Democrats will stop exploiting it.

      • It hasn’t happened in 90 years. 10-15 percent get it, the other 85-90% do what they’re told by their reverends & community activists. I’ve never met a black Republican or Independent who wasn’t successful, or who lacked an entrepreneurial spirit, AND who knew the importance of a strong nuclear family…the same things Democrats discourage in the black community. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of this mindset; the Democratic party is akin to religion in black America. In 50 years, things will be no different than today…fortunately I’ll be dead & won’t have to listen to the same recycled race-hustle garbage. Even most white liberals know it’s all bullshit, but they’ll pander for the votes, because black votes equals power and money for them (the same goes for liberal black elites & pols like Jim Clyburn & Jesse Jackson).

        As for Stackhouse…yes, he has the mentality of a spoiled child. Instead of listening to Al Sharpton he should have been reading Thomas Sowell.

      • Lots of money in victimhood. Look how many cities are cutting police funding to invest in “underserved” communities. This isn’t going away. Why work to improve your situation when you can pitch a fit and then someone throws money at you.

    • No. Eventually the hate you live on will eat you alive. I FIRMLY believe this will all flame out at some point. Everybody wants to be happy with their own life instead of trying to hate someone else`s. Vanderbilt sports: The black hole of college sports.

  10. Yikes, if I was a Vanderbilt alum I’d be embarrassed. Jerry, your team stinks. That’s why you’re being criticized. Also, this guy can’t even put a proper sentence together. Isn’t Vanderbilt a school with a prestigious academic reputation?

  11. You know what? I’d just cancel the season and go to your safe space. Follow the lead of the Vandy women’s program and just quit. I enjoy nothing better than listening to insanely wealthy, privileged people whine and complain on Twitter. I hope UT beats them by 80.

    • Agreed. It is too emotional and disturbing to play just quit. Then all the woke “journalists” and MSESPN will pat him on the back for being brave. That would also buy another year accumulating a shitty record.

  12. Once again when one of these privileged whiners face any criticism they play the race card.

    Whenever a black person is bad at his job, he plays the race card. It’s easier than admitting you’re an incompetent fool who should never have been hired in the first place. Right Jerry?

  13. Only in the USA are we prosperous as a nation that someone as dim and ignorant as Jerry Stackhouse gets a platform to thousands of people that allows him to use this logic. I am embarrassed for jocks like this because no one they trust is honest with them; they are surrounded by “yes men” or Neo-Marxist/SJWs who are too ignorant themselves to help the guy find some common sense. In almost any other country this guy would be, at best, a security guard or stocker at Walmart (no offense to anyone who does those jobs; they are legit, legal employment; but no one gives a public platform on race relations to a mall cop).

  14. …and the 75 million Trump voters probably also would be the highest demographic of diehard sports fans in the entire country. But yeah, keep alienating your fan base, woke professional highly paid sports people … seems like a good business model!

  15. It’s amazing the way 45 is in their heads.

    Always remember when a black person is in a predominantly white part of town and feel uncomfortable it’s because whites are racist.

    When whites are in predominantly black parts of town and are uncomfortable it’s because white people are racist.

  16. “Stackhouse sounds almost like a child here.”

    Haha! They all sound like children all the time when they’re TDS sufferers, which Stackhouse sure seems to be.

    It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s always a bad orange man in a faraway city, never the person in the mirror for prima donas like Stackhouse. It’s so sad and outrageous that the victim mentality has settled into sports, one of the few meritocracies left in this society. Even big-shot coaches like Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr, whom you’d expect to challenge the individual to take on any obstacles, bellyache about their millionaire-athlete victims according to the most simplistic and outdated skin-color fixations.

    There’s another way for Stackhouse to avoid criticism: Go coach at Division III, where a lot fewer people will give a damn and the paycheck and prestige will be a lot leaner.

    • That’s right. What lesson is this teaching his players also? When things get bad or tough in life just blame someone else. How about teaching personal responsibility? Manning up and facing adversity head on. Nah just blame fake racism for all of life’s problems.

  17. Well done Jerry. You’ve teed it right up there to use racism as the reason you either get fired or quit whenever that time comes. And the only reason you won’t get fired it’s because the University doesn’t want to be called racist if they do it.

  18. Well done Jerry. You’ve teed it right up there to use racism as the reason you either get fired or quit whenever that time comes. And the only reason you won’t get fired is because the University doesn’t want to be called racist if they do it. Either way you’ll get a huge buy out to do nothing for the next few years in this racist country of ours.

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