Vanderbilt Football’s New Locker Room Is A Look Into The Future

If the new Vanderbilt Commodores’ football locker room is any indication, the program may soon be accepting walk-on cyborgs to the team.

Vanderbilt, a name that is near and dear to OutKick owner Clay Travis, has upgraded their football facility with brand new locker rooms — equipped with sleeping chambers and “state-of-the-air air drying systems,” among other updates.

According to the Nashville Post, the Commodores opened up their doors for the first glimpse at their upgrades four months after headlines first announced that Vanderbilt AD Candice Storey Lee would be adding $6-7 million of the program’s budget toward this project.

Looks and sounds like it paid off. 

The details from the sneak preview and spec upgrades were provided by the NashvillePost: 

  • A shoulder pad Waterfall Battle Gear rack
  • A dual fan drying system integrated into a pullout tray to circulate air in each set of pads, a helmet fan drying system
  • A quick dry compartment with an Air Raider fan drying system to help dry the equipment and slow the spread of staph infection and other contagious diseases
  • A ventilated system to help dry the equipment and slow the spread of staff infection and other contagious diseases
  • A patent-pending built in recliner and sleep pod element with a roll up door that each player has complete control over
  • A unique light-up player graphic
  • The locker itself is manufactured out of antimicrobial materials and patented stainless steel and marine-grade vinyl cushions”

Vanderbilt released a video going over spec details of some of the new infrastructure. It also offers a look at the new player locker, which includes a “fully electronic 4-stage recliner.”

With enough tech upgrades to make a salesman at Brookstone blush, the Commodores’s new investment could very well translate into a better season ahead for SEC football team.

After recently losing safety Donovan Kaufman to Auburn, the Commodores and coach Clark Lea must gather a team that can rebound from their less-than-spectacular play in the SEC last season.

Regardless, the upgrade is a breath of fresh air for the program and may draw us a step closer to putting football players in mech suits. Soon! 

Written by Alejandro Avila


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