Vaccine-Crazed MVP Voter Walks Back Dopey Remarks Made About Aaron Rodgers

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Hub Arkush, a member of the NFL MVP voters’ committee, tried to rile up a woke mob against Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in the vaccination debate and lost.

On Tuesday, Arkush insisted that Rodgers will not be deserving of several MVP votes this season, including his own, due to the off-the-field issues regarding Rodgers’ unvaccinated status — a controversy spawned by the media.

“I can guarantee you I will not be the only one not voting for him,” Arkush stated on 670 The Score in Chicago — exposing an unspoken favor that sportswriters grant vaccinated athletes.

Arkush went as far as calling Rodgers a “bad guy” for being unvaccinated.

Rather than evaluating Rodgers by his league-leading record (13-3) or remaining the gold standard for arm talent in the League, Arkush wanted to turn MVP voting into a gauge for players’ compliance … which fell flat and prompted him to release a porous apology.

“I made a terrible mistake Tuesday with my Aaron Rodgers comments,” Arkush stated in his letter. “It was completely my fault. There is no one else to blame, and I am here to try and apologize.”

“I couldn’t possibly be more sorry for joining the conversation at all and some of the childish things I said about Aaron Rodgers,” Arkush admitted.

He clarified his position for the media heads that rightfully called out his mishandling of voting rights while remaining stubborn toward those that addressed his blatant attempt at pandering to the PC crowd.

“Worse yet, I’ve apparently unleashed a small army of self-styled social media and talk radio experts who have no clue what they’re talking about to challenge the quality of the voting process and would attempt to invalidate any vote or thought process that doesn’t agree with their own,” he added in his halfhearted mea culpa.

Arkush also threw overdue praise at Rodgers: full of cordial words and empty calories.

“To Aaron Rodgers, you are one of the greatest players of this generation and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. … I couldn’t possibly be more sorry for dragging all of you into my mess and I hope you will accept my apology.”

Rodgers’ response to the commotion from the last 24 hours was deserving of the NFL-AP award itself.


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Written by Alejandro Avila


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