Good To See Aaron Rodgers Slam ‘Most Valuable Vaccinated Player’ Voter

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On Tuesday, a man called Hub Arkush, who apparently has an NFL MVP vote, announced that he would not vote for Aaron Rodgers. Arkush admits that Rodgers is the MVP, but says he cannot vote for a “bad guy.” You can read Arkush’s full comments here.

Arkush blames Rodgers’ offseason antics for his ballot disqualification. However, everyone knows why this loser journalist is upset with Rodgers. Like his peers, Arkush can’t get over that Rodgers chose to not get vaccinated against COVID-19.

We all know that’s the reason. And Rodgers was first to say it. Here was Rodgers’ response to Arkush’s comments on Wednesday:

While a great line, he’s right. More voters than just Arkush will vote for the award as if it means the Most Valuable Vaccinated Player. Maybe Joe Burrow is the guy, after all?

I wrote about this exact scenario a month ago, about how sportswriters would hold Rodgers’ vaccination status against his MVP case. In sum:

The list of NFL MVP voters is basically comprised of the same blue-checks who spent more than seven days painting Rodgers as the football equivalent of the BTK Killer. The voter list, which you can find here, includes Peter King and writers from USA Today, ProFootballTalk, and NBC.

These NFL MVP voting journalists are an extension of the mainstream press, a group as shallow and unimpressive as they are. So you can expect them to work tirelessly with their resources on social media to re-shape the narrative so that they can avoid voting for Rodgers for MVP. After all, these people have industry Super Bowl parties to attend with their three-letter agents.

Sports media guys are already gearing up with excuses to disqualify Rodgers. After all, Mike Florio convinced them that the country should mercilessly punish anyone who opts not for the COVID vaccine, and they’ll do anything but disobey orders from their sports media leaders. So they’ll attack Rodgers the man to avoid voting for Rodgers the player.

Rodgers used the word draconian and (gasp) cited MLK. Bring out the guillotine.

Worst of all, the sports media has purposely misled its audience into believing that Rodgers had hurt his team by choosing not to get vaccinated.

Rodgers missed 10 days, the NFL’s previous mandate for unvaccinated positive players, but just one game. Official NFL data shows that fully vaccinated positive players rarely tested out of protocols before the 10-day mark under the former protocols. Moreover, Rodgers tested positive on a Wednesday. And OutKick’s Dr. Chao showed during the week of December 20 that of the 31 players who tested positive on Wednesday, only 1 — 1! — tested out of protocols before Sunday. 

So it wouldn’t have mattered if Rodgers had been vaccinated or not. He would have missed that same one game against the Chiefs. Further, the Packers clinched the NFC’s top seed last week, negating the implications of that one regular-season loss.

Rodgers’ vaccination status did not hurt his team at all. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or very confused.


Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Well, just like the Heisman has become, 85% of the time during this century, the best QUARTERBACK award, just about every major award, in and out of sports, have become only for the folks who have publically declared their private medical information.

    • “Hub” may indeed be a wokey jerk … but he has been around The NFL for quite awhile. He either started or was a major contributor to Pro Football Weekly as far back as the late 70s. So … He must be a quite old jerk.

  2. Thank you Aaron Rodgers! About the only NFL player who is not a moral coward (Cole Beasley). Does anyone think Tom Brady put the experimental gene therapy (Pfizer’s term, not mine) into his body? Has any reporter ever asked him or his views on the subject? Odds are Tommy will test positive at some point. Let’s see how that plays out.

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