Utah Jazz Player Lands On Houston Rockets Player’s N*ts During Summer League Game

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Look out below! Sunday’s NBA Summer League game between the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz saw one of the nastier shots to the groin seen in sports all year.

The nutty play went down in the first half.

Houston Rockets rookie Nate Hinton was accidentally pushed to the ground by his teammate, landing under the rim where Utah Jazz forward Ed Croswell was left hanging after a dunk.

Croswell eventually gave up his grip and crashed his right foot right on Hinton’s jewels.

The “stomp” looked brutal.


Croswell was assigned a Flagrant 1 foul, though some argued the Jazz player had no option but to land on Hinton as the Rockets player stayed on the ground.

Hinton appeared fine after the play, staying on the floor as the second quarter went on.

“I’m watching the game, it’s completely unintentional. Don’t agree with the call,” one Twitter commenter said.

Hinton may end up with the last laugh. The Houston Rockets lead the Utah Jazz, 73-63, in the third quarter.

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