USWNT Takes A Knee For BLM, Gets Drilled By Sweden In Olympic Opening Match

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The U.S. women’s national soccer team wasted little time taking a knee for communism-supporting Black Lives Matter at the Olympics and then wasted little time being blown out 3-0 by Sweden in the Tokyo Olympic opener, which snapped a 44-match winning streak for the American team. The USWNT, which famously wore ‘Black Lives Matter’ warmups & took a knee before a November 2020 match, was back on their knees — as was the Swedish team — before today’s match inside an empty Tokyo Stadium.

This marked the first demonstrations of the 2020/21 Games and pretty much guaranteed the Tokyo Games are going to usher in the wokest era in Olympic history. If you think Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising a fist for Black Power at the 1968 Games was something, you better buckle up because the IOC will soon lose control in Tokyo.

The Olympics Rule 50 has been in place to prevent athletes from protesting at the Games, but the organizing committee has already backed off its plan to prevent protests in Tokyo. In early July, under pressure from the likes of hammer thrower Gwen Berry, the organization announced it would allow demonstrations before competitions.

“When expressing their views, athletes are expected to respect the applicable laws, the Olympic values and their fellow athletes. It should be recognized that any behavior and/or expression that constitutes or signals discrimination, hatred, hostility or the potential for violence on any basis whatsoever is contrary to the Fundamental Principles of Olympism,” the IOC said in a statement.

Still, the IOC says no protests during medal ceremonies – for now.

As for the match, the U.S. was not just beaten, it was destroyed. How bad was it? NBC’s Olympic page is now calling Sweden the gold medal favorite. Sweden “dominated from start to finish,” according to NBC. Uh, talk about sobering.

Here are the goals:


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Didn’t Megan Rapinoe say they should be paid as much as men because they win World Cups and the men don’t? Oops. I will not watch one minute of any of their games. Not really a stretch for me since women’s soccer is the only thing more boring than the WNBA

  2. So unfortunate that the “athletes” (or coaches, in the case of Popoffbitch) have caused patriotic fans to have to root against our country’s representative teams. I would have never in my lifetime thought I would see this.

  3. I hope they make a quick exit, I mean if they really cared about BLM wouldn’t half the players be people of color not really knowing how to play the game and get destroyed. It is just grandstanding, they should swap out players if they really cared.

  4. Amazingly inaccurate. They kneeled against racism, NOT “FOR BLM”. Huge difference, right? Teams all over the world have been doing this all year and it has absolutely nothing to do with BLM. Why is that bad? I despise the power behind the BLM organization because of it’s Marxist leanings, but to characterize this in that manner is amazingly irresponsible. You all just went full “clickbait”. Do better.

  5. It should be noted that Sweden, Great Britain, Chile and the officials all took a knee before their matches. That, however, does not make it right. I never dreamed seeing a team that represents the U.S. taking a shellacking would bring a smile to my face, but this does. I hope this group, as well as both of the basketball teams are nothing short of an embarrassment in terms of performance.. This Olympics is going to be a chitshow anyway. Would not be shocked if the whole thing gets bagged.

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