USC’s Bookstore Savagely Trolls The PAC-12 With Incredible Shirt

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USC students and fans can buy an awesome shirt trolling the PAC-12 for less than $40.

The Trojans opened the season by destroying San Jose State 56-28 Saturday, but the blowout victory might not be the most savage thing the program has done to get the year rolling.

The school’s bookstore is selling a shirt for “The Farewell Tour” of the PAC-12 now that the conference has collapsed and the Trojans will join the Big Ten in 2024.

For the reasonable price of $34.95, USC fans can wear one of the best troll shirts college football fans have seen in a long time.

USC trolls opponents with brutal shirt.

This is honestly an incredible troll job from USC’s bookstore. It’s awesome, and a great reminder of what makes college football so incredible.

The PAC-12 is cooked. It will soon be something only whispered about as a cautionary tale of what happens when poor leadership fails to land a new media deal.

Meanwhile, USC, UCLA, Oregon and Washington are joining the Big Ten next summer. The Trojans and Bruins have massive paydays waiting for them. The Ducks and Huskies are coming at a reduced rate but will be just fine.

USC started the season with a blowout win over San Jose State. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

USC is moving to a much greener pasture, and clearly doesn’t mind letting the rest of the PAC-12 know about it. Absolutely savage.

A lot of fans are livid the PAC-12 collapsed. Clearly, the Trojans don’t give a damn. After all, USC and UCLA leaving first is what kicked off the PAC-12’s demise.

Now, USC fans can wear a shirt rubbing it in everyone’s face. What’s not to love? Taylor Swift is The Eras Tour and the Trojans are running through the PAC-12 one final time before jumping to the B1G.

USC’s bookstore is selling an incredible shirt trolling the PAC-12. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Now, if you’re going to wear a shirt like this, you better win. Judging from the Trojans hammering San Jose State, there should be plenty of more big wins on the schedule.

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