Controversial Decision In 49-Run (!!) Game Leads USA Slugger To Be Called Out For Not Touching Home Plate Even Though He Did

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Team USA 12U baseball is a wagon. This next wave of young sluggers have been on a roll in 12U World Cup Qualifying, even when the umpiring is questionable.

The most recent incident, which took place over the weekend, serves as a great reminder to every baseball player out there β€” always be sure to touch home plate definitively and confidently. Leave no doubt.

Unfortunately, 12U second baseman Greyson Wuis left some doubt. Fortunately, it didn’t matter.

Team USA faced Venezuela on Saturday in a ridiculously high-scoring matchup of two historically high-powered offenses. Both teams can hit, as was on display during their matchup in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

After falling behind 4-0 in the top of the first, USA hit a grand slam to take a 5-0 lead in the bottom half. It was a dinger derby from there.

31 total runs had been scored by the time that Team USA got up to bat in the bottom of the third. The Americans were down 18-13 but quickly loaded the bases for Wuis.

Wuis got ahold of one and hit the United States’ second grand slam of the afternoon.

But only three of the four runs counted.

Venezuela appealed the play and said that Wuis did not touch home plate. Upon further review, it was ruled that Wuis missed the plate. He was called out.

However, while Wuis was certainly on the outside of the base, Team USA’s video of the play showed that his right foot caught at least an edge. At least.

Here’s a closer look:

Wuis’ right foot touched home plate. The umpiring crew ruled otherwise. His run came off the board.

What should have been a four-run bomb that cut the score to 18-17, instead became 18-16.

In the end, whether Wuis touched the plate or not was a non-issue. Team USA won anyway, and did so in exhilarating fashion.

The U.S. took the lead back before Venezuela tied it at 20 (!!) in the top of the fifth. Another home run for Team USA put them up by two in the bottom half.

Venezuela scored four in the top of the sixth (and final inning) to go ahead 24-22. That set up Team USA for the walk-off moment in the bottom of the sixth.

Team USA won 25-24.

Team USA should have won 26-24. Wuis touched home!

To leave no doubt on their win, Team USA proceeded to stomp Cuba on Sunday.

The future of American baseball is very bright!

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